Proposal for Action: Strategic Goal 1, Objective 2 (Community building component)

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Strategic goal

Achieve a fiscally sustainable and scalable OERu network

Strategic objective

Improve community engagement for OERu planning, implementation, technology innovation and technology integration

  • Focus: Improve active partner and community engagement with the capability to support open planning and implementation of the OERu

Strategic approach

  1. Incremental design is the preferred modus operandi to ensure agility of the OERu network.
  2. Open communication with a transparent public record of decisions aims to build community and facilitate long term sustainability.
  3. To scale capability development the OERu advocates a "pay it forward" model, where the beneficiaries of new OERu skills are encouraged to repay their learning by helping a new community member in the future.

Key performance indicator(s) for 2015

(Provide recommendation for recalibrated target if necessary)

  • 80% of OERu partners having at least one institutional representative participating in an active working group as part of their 0.2FTE contribution by 31 December 2015
  • 150 participants on the OERu partners planning list by 31 December 2015 (i.e. approximately 4 members per partner institution).
  • 350 participants on the open OERu community list

2015 outputs

  • Improve active engagement from OERu partners
  • Implement activities to promote capability development of partner institutions in open planning methodologies.
  • Promote OERu community building
  • Devise induction and support mechanisms for new OERu partners
  • Other?

Clarifying notes, additional considerations and discussion points

  • Staff at partner institutions self-subscribe to the partners list. We have examples where individuals who have subscribed later report the OERu list as spam, which results in the list being blacklisted by email spam service providers. Results in time consuming process to white-list the OERu Partners planning list again and active contributors not aware that the institutional mail server is bouncing the list notifications and miss out on important communications. Should the OERu list migrate to Google groups or other alternative list?
  • Does OERu need separate email lists for OERu partners and the general OERu community?
  • Add any clarifications here

Summary description

Provide short description / overview of this proposal for action here


Activity schedule

# Activity Summary description Responsibility Target date / Duration
Example Survey 1st year BGS requirements Conduct a survey of OERu partners with a BGS to determine subject requirements for 1st year of study Curriculum & programme of study group (or individual / institution) 15 April 2015 (or ongoing)
1 We've joined, now what do we do? What — link to videos - narrated by appropriate peers (faculty, instructional designers, librarians, etc — link to partner peer/mentor — link to content in wiki — link to montly webinar - topics eg how to pick and start your first course To be determined June 30, 2015

Do you have issues which should be tabled at the OERu Council of CEOs meeting?

During group discussions, if any issues arise which in your opinion should be tabled at the OERu meeting of Chief Executive Officers, please add them directly to to the CEOs issues page here.