3rd Meeting of OERu partners

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Key points

Issues to be considered for inclusion in the CEOs meeting

  1. Recommend that OERu partner institutions submit an Institutional Action Plan how they plan to allocated their 0.2FTE contribution to achieving the operational priorities of the OERu collaboration.
  2. Recommendations for how staff time contributions to OERu are recognised at partner institutions, ideally as part of mainstream activities
  3. Support from the OERu Council of CEO's to identify potential leads for new partners aiming to achieve a total of 50 OERu partners by 31 December 2015. (That is, 14 new partners)
  4. Recommend investigation into solutions to allow tracking of learners for learner support and resource improvements
  5. Establish like-minded leadership groups - eg rotating World OERu chairs for Registrars, Technology, Design, Quality Assurance, Assessment etc.
  6. Recommend support for research into key potential markets (and potential personas) that align to OERu objectives in order to better focus the selection of courses, delivery models and future marketing initiatives