Proposal for Action: Communicating OERu study options, services and pricing

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Strategic goal

Improve processes for efficient OERu operations that underpin academic quality at scale

Strategic objective

Objective 1: Develop, implement and maintain operational guidelines for OERu quality assurance, credit transfer and course articulation

  • Focus: system to communicate degree pathways and pricing models for services.

Strategic approach

  1. The OERu partners retain decision-making autonomy regarding all aspects of summative assessment, local OERu credit transfer and course articulation.
  2. The OERu partners retain decision-making autonomy regarding the pricing of related services.
  3. The OERu focuses on operating within existing institutional policies minimising the need for policy change at partner institutions.
  4. The OERu does not prescribe or dictate pedagogical models encouraging diversity yet generating opportunities for reuse and improved efficiency for local offerings on campus.

Key performance indicator(s) for 2015

(Provide recommendation for recalibrated target if necessary)

Develop recommendations for system to communicate degree pathways and pricing models for services (summative assessment and other value-added partner services.)

2015 outputs

  • Develop systems to co-ordinate and communicate pathways of study and credit transfer options to OERu learners.
  • Agree process and systems to communicate the cost of related services to OERu learners
  • Other?

Clarifying notes, additional considerations and discussion points

  • challenge of doing marketing and communications when the products and pathways are not quite there

Summary description

Provide short description / overview of this proposal for action here


  • Current practice: Price and process for payment included in the course materials. Not ideal solution for scenario where 1) Course is reused and taught by partner institution for own assessment services 2) Institutions which build assessment only options for local credit.
  • Examples of pricing models:
    • University of Southern Queensland: AU$200 for 160 notional hour course (3 payments: Assignment 1 & 2 - $50 each, Assignment 3 - $100). Total cost in US$ is $175
    • Otago Polytechnic, Open Education Practice micro course. NZ$80 per micro course. 4 micros required for full course credit equating to 150 notional learning hours. Assessed certificate of Learning is issued for each micro course. Total cost NZ$320. Total cost in US$ is $250 (Cost is higher because of administration to issue certificates of learning @ approximately $25 each.)
  • OERu credit transfer and course articulation guidelines
  • Kahnacademy example for navigating college admissions.

Activity schedule

# Activity Summary description Responsibility Target date / Duration
Example Survey 1st year BGS requirements Conduct a survey of OERu partners with a BGS to determine subject requirements for 1st year of study Curriculum & programme of study group (or individual / institution) 15 April 2015 (or ongoing)
1 Case study write up and interview our one graduate showing how they did it to make it obvious how it works - ensure the video goes viral USQ/TRU Jan 2015
2 Marketing Managers One partner in each region to allocate their Marketing Manager to collaborate to refine current descriptions on OERuni site so they are student focussed and concrete CSU - hands-up others Jan 2015
3 Course search enable students to search OERuni courses site on different parementers inlcuding price Jim Titlser July 2015
4 Study Taster from OERu site there is no way yet that students can see what it looks like to study a course - it's hidden USQ/TRU/Otago/Canterbury i.e. those who have courses up already Jan 2015

Do you have issues which should be tabled at the OERu Council of CEOs meeting?

During group discussions, if any issues arise which in your opinion should be tabled at the OERu meeting of Chief Executive Officers, please add them directly to to the CEOs issues page here.