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How it works

Around the globe, teachers and educators will receive free training in wiki skills through a series of online and face-to-face workshops. In return, they will become WikiEducators themselves by developing and donating one free content resource back to the WikiEducator community.

In other words, L4C participants will "pay" for their training by donating, for example, one lesson or teaching resource back to the project in the spirit of education as a common good for society. Prospective L4C participants are required to sign a learning contract so that we target our efforts in training educators, teachers and trainers who share our vision for free teaching materials.

This learn-by-doing project will enable teachers and educators to engage with a real community of WikiEducators!.

How the project is funded

The L4C project is co-funded by the Commonwealth of Learning and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. The L4C project will pay an honorarium for a facilitator to assist with wiki training. Institutions or individuals may choose to use this honorarium to assist with the hire of a computer lab or catering costs for a face-to-face workshop.

The face-to-face workshops would not be possible without generous in-kind contributions from institutions willing to provide access to their computer facilities for this training. WE are all collaborating in the development of free content for education.

WikiEducator will provide training tutorials and a workshop toolkit to help facilitators in preparing and facilitating the L4C workshops.

Training opportunities

L4C Zambia is planning two kinds of training opportunities:

  • Face-to-face workshops which will be organised and presented in collaboration with institutions in your country;
  • Online workshops where L4C provides an online facilitator to support your learning.

The L4C initiative covers the basic skills in wiki editing. You will be awarded the valuable status of WikiBuddy in our skills hierarchy. We hope that your L4C achievements will inspire you to continue your journey to acquire the status of WikiMaster in our community.

Please consult our L4C Zambia workshop schedules and if your institution is able to provide access to a computer laboratory for a 3-day L4C workshop please email Victor Mensah.


  1. Participation in the online workshops is not restricted to Zambia;
  2. We would welcome contributions in kind from institutions to host and/or present additional workshops under the L4C project as the host of global initiative focussed on the Commonwealth and beyond (please email Wayne Mackintosh or Patricia Schlicht);
  3. For Zambia please contact Victor Mensah.
  4. We are actively seeking further funding to extend the face-to-face training workshops beyond Commonwealth countries and to provide training in languages other than English.

This page is for all in Zambia, of Zambian origin, or simply interested friends.