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Dancing with the future of free content

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Join our dynamic community -- an open invitation to all educators around the world!

WE believe passionately in developing and sharing free content resources for education. We're changing our world for the better - your talents are welcome. Join us and sign up now for your free training!

Free Wiki Skills Training

We're making history! The Learning4Content initiative is the largest wiki skills training project on the planet. Experience the joy of creating your learning materials in less time with less drudgery. Join our growing community who believe in the values underpinning open access to education and free educational materials. Learn how to leverage the power of the wiki - for your own project(s), or projects within the WE Community.

Reaching Out to All Educators - Formal, non-Formal and informal sectors

Whether you're a teacher, trainer or lecturer; instructional designer or learning technologist; researcher or administrator; or a student learner, there's an abundance of opportunity to work on exciting projects - one lesson at a time - and to grow with WikiEducator!

Grow with us!

There are currently 80,293 registered WikiEducators and our target is to achieve 10 000 registered users by December 2008! By training 2 500 educators under the Learning4Content project we are confident that we will achieve our targets because you will spread the word, recruit newcomers to our neighbourhood and help them to become regular contributors to our project.

Get involved -- you will understand what this is all about. The Wiki-way is infectious!

Benefits of participation

You will:

  • Meet people from around the world who have an interest in gaining and sharing knowledge.
  • Learn the basic skills of co-producing and co-editing content.
  • Network with WikiEducators who help each other in achieving their goals.
  • Share an understanding of the power of using social software technologies.
  • Increase your stature in the international education community.
  • Help us in expanding education as a common good for society.
  • Make a difference

Donating and developing a free content resource

L4C is a learn-by-doing project. You will be able to fine tune your collaborative content development skills by developing one free content resource to be shared with out community. In return for your free training, we ask that you will sign a learning contract and help us achieve the objective of 2500 new teaching resources for the WikiEducator community.

Find out more about joining the L4C project

  • Please visit our FAQs page for more information (please consult this page before emailing us).
  • Email Victor Mensah.