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Tutorial.png Learning4Content Toolkit 

Pre-workshop activities | Training Agenda | Facilitators | Participants invitations | The workshop | Reporting

This toolkit provides a generic methodology that can be used to organise a 1-day or 3-day WikiEducator training workshop. It contains the following:

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Key points
*Pre workshop activities and checklists that outline the tasks and time frames for both the workshops
  • Sample Invitation Letters, Participants Registration Forms and agenda outlines for the workshops
  • Pre-designed slides shows and Workshop handouts that you can use for your workshops
  • Sample Workshop Evaluation forms and draft workshop reports

This Workshop Toolkit has been developed from experiences in organizing several FLOSS4Edu workshops in Africa and are based on the curriculum and resources specified in the Wiki Newbie Tutorials

This workshop defines a workshop methodology based on the following five steps:

  1. Organizing pre-workshop logistics activities
  2. Defining Training Agenda
  3. Participants Invitations
  4. Carrying out the Training Workshop
  5. Producing a report