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Auckland at night

Image courtesy of Chris Gin
New Zealand has been called God's own country and the "Paradise of the Pacific" since the early 1800s. Travellers generally agree New Zealand deserves this description.

This course will provide people with the ability to demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of New Zealand as a tourist destination. Otago Polytechnic will be running this course from February to June 2015. If you would like to join the course please contact Lynn Brandham.

The course is project based and supported via this wiki along with class and tutorial time. Participants will be required to complete project. The project will begin during Day in Life of a Tourist and be completed during Day in Life of a Conference and Events Organiser.

Those enrolled with Otago Polytechnic as students of this course have access to learning support services such as the libraries, regular contact with learning facilitators and lecturers, assessment services and certification.

Learning Objectives

  1. to locate tourist destinations on a map of New Zealand and describe their geographical relationship to each other
  2. to locate on a map and describe key geographical features of New Zealand
  3. to identify and describe attractions, activities, and events in New Zealand
  4. to identify and describe transport and accommodation services available in New Zealand to tourists.'

Assessed to NZQA 18212

Course Schedule



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As an introduction to the course we will firstly discuss the learning outcomes expected of you as you progress through this unit, then we will take a look at the assignments (below) before moving onto a general introduction of New Zealand through the eyes of our national tourism organisation Tourism New Zealand. Take a look at all three of the videos which are part of the 100% Pure New Zealand marketing campaign by Tourism NZ.

Then listen to this - kiwi accent is this what we really sound like?

Now we will start working our way through each of the regions of New Zealand starting with Auckland and Northland. Did you like some of landscapes in the northern region, the early settlers history is an area we always find interesting. So now is your chance to sell the region to international and domestic visitors.

Another site to keep your eye on is Wikitravel's entries for New Zealand. Wikitravel is interesting because it is written by volunteers around the world - you may want to make an entry about a destination you have been to.

This your first activity.

Now you can start working on Assignment 1

Taupo, Rotorua and Tongariro

just north of Haast

Image courtesy of Lucy Crabapple

Otherwise known as the "Thermal Explorer Highway" is a major tourist destination. It offers not only geothermal wonders but is the centre for Maori cultural tourism. It also competes with Queenstown for the adventure tourism market.

Watch this slide presentation - The Thermal Explorer Highway. From slide 2, choose one of the five themes, form a group, (or individually) prepare a 5 minute presentation on the topic - which you will deliver in class and/or submit online. Notes from these presentations will help towards your assignments.


Christchurch is the South Island's main international gateway. Where most international travellers first arrive into New Zealand.

View this visual display on Canterbury and the Westcoast.

This activity has been designed to help you navigate destinations. Using your maps, what are the different attractions and activities of the area. Look for resources for your assignments.


Dunedin Railway Station

Image courtesy of PhillipC

Factors like New Zealand's geography (two main islands), mountainous terrain and wide spread low population are reasons why the country has fewer transport system options in comparison to other overseas counties. The main systems are flights, coaches, trains, ferries. Tourists often take the self drive option. There are however a wide range of accommodation options.

The Southern Lakes

The Southern Lakes area is a unique and beautiful part of New Zealand with many attactions and activities. There are a wide range of activities, wild and mild on offer in the region.

Other regions


Image courtesy of PhillipC

While we have looked at the major tourism reasons there are still other areas in New Zealand which attract a high number of both international and domestic tourists. So lets do a quick summary of these beautiful regions and then tell the world about them.


We hope you have enjoyed this course.

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