Destination New Zealand: Assignment 4

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Dunedin Railway Station

Image courtesy of PhillipC


US 18212, Element 4


Identify and describe transport and accommodation services available in New Zealand to tourists

Task 1

Four journeys have been listed below. Please complete the following task

  • identify two modes of transport (air, rail, coach, rental, ferry) which could be used to complete these journeys
  • identify the operator/s

1. Auckland to Rotorua to Hamilton

2. Wellington to Picton to Queenstown

3. Christchurch to Nelson to Westport

4. Dunedin to Invercargill to Timaru

Task 2

Choose three tourist destinations from Assignment 1 and complete the following:

  • name 4 different types of accommodation available in each destination (hotel, backpackers, camping ground, bed and breakfast, motel, homestay, lodge, apartments etc)

  • of the 4 accommodation types chosen describe at least two services each would provide

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