Destination New Zealand/Activities/Assignment 1

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Aoraki - Mt Cook

Image courtesy of nyaa birdies perch


US 18212, Level 3, Credits 8

Element 1-2


  • Locate tourist destinations on a map of New Zeland and describe their geographical features and relationships to each other

Task 1

Using the map (below) please mark the following:

  • Four main centres in New Zealand (two in the North Island and two in the South)
  • 16 other tourist destinations (8 South Island, 8 North Island)
  • Four mountains or mountain ranges (from both islands)
  • Five national or maritime parks (from both islands)
  • Four lakes - Lake Taupo, Lake Wakatipu, Lake Rotorua, Lake Wanaka
  • Four rivers - Waikato, Rangitikei, Shotover, Waimakariri (you must show the entire course of the river)

Task 2

1. For each of the geographical features (lakes, mountains, national or maritime parks) named above, describe an activity and describe the facility which provides the activity, for tourists at each location. You only have to decribe the activity for rivers.

eg. Mountain Range / Remarkables/Enjoy the exhilarating ski trails on the rugged Remarkable ski slopes/ equipment hire/ John Smith Ltd - Ski equipment is available for hire for everyone from child to adult and with a full range of equipment for differing skills.

Make sure you reference any websites used.

Supporting Resources