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Log on information:

Please telephone in and don't use the computer microphone (because it causes echo). If anyone complains of background noise, please 1) slide the computer mic. vol. on the lower left of the screen all the way to the left, 2) mute your phone with *6. Use *6 to unmute the phone before you speak.


Expected/Hoped for: non-voting staff - Jacky, Liza, Randy

voting Board Members - Cable (Pres.), John (Sec.), James ($ Dev.), Geoff (Comm.), Angela (Elect.), Susie (Prog.) Other contributors - (please add your names here...)

Can't make it: Tom (Stand.), Joanne (At large), Stephanie (At large),


1. Convene & amend agenda - Liza (12-12:10 pm)

2. Nomination for VP and Treasurer - Cable (12:10-12:15 pm)

3. Committee Chairmanship and relation to the Governing Board - Liza (12:15-12:20)

4. Phase transitions - Jacky (12:20-12:30)

5. CCCOER Funding - Randy (12:30-12:35)

6. Organizational Issues and Questions posed by the Communications Chair - Geoff (12:35-12:45)

7. Committee Reports (if any) - (12:45-12:50)

8. Proposed items for next week - Liza (12:50-1)

9. Formal Adjournment - Liza (1 pm) Participants are welcome and encouraged to stay in the meeting informally until 1:30 if they so choose.

Premeeting discussion below...

Item 2.Filling vacant positions

Cable: We need a treasurer and a vice-president. Let's get these filled this week.

Geoff Cain: I would like to resign from Communications Chair and put my name forward as Vice-President.

Item 3.Committee Co-chairs and Board Membership

Jacky: We will also discuss the issue of co-chairs -- Is there a Chair for each committee who serves on the Governing Board and the other person is a Co-Chair? Or are the two or more Co-Chairs equal and sharing a vote on the Governing Board? See this discussion thread:

Liza: I don't think Jacky has described the alternatives accurately. There are 11 positions for members of the GB at this time. Each member may cast one vote for any motion that comes before the GB. There are 6 Standing Committees of the GB and one Program Board. (The Program Board is convened by the GB like the other committees. It has a different name because it needs to be bigger and more active than the other committees if the organization is to fulfill its purposes.) During the Interim period, each GB member has been asked to serve on one or more committees and the GB positions currently are named for the committees. The committee structure is not part of the Bylaws and can be changed by the GB by simple motion. How we label the leaders of committees is independent of voting rights on the GB at this time.

How did we get here? The Interim GB members were appointed by an ad hoc steering committee. Liza laid out a proposed committee structure and requested that Interim GB members volunteer to convene one or more of the committees, which they graciously did. In a hasty discussion during the Sept. 17th One Day Steering Committee meeting the term "official" which had been attached to each GB member was changed to "Chair". This label change reinforces the misperception that GB membership and voting rights are tied to Committee leadership.

In the future, GB members will be elected by the organizational members and may vote according to the rules set out in the Bylaws. Neither Interim nor elected GB members are required to serve on any of the standing committees or on the Program Board. Only the Pres., VP, Sec., and Treas. are required to serve on the Executive Committee (which is not even under discussion here).

If the GB candidates so choose, they may campaign for election by informing the membership that they intend to work on a specific committee. Any member of CCCOER may volunteer for a committee. The GB may appoint any CCCOER member as Chairperson, Co-chair, commissioner, czar, whatever, of any committee it decides to bring into being.

Until we have more active CCCOER members, GB members and those who have served on the Steering Committee are being asked to lead the committees. I have been urging the convening of all the committees so that we have someplace to channel the energy of enthusiastic new members. Right at the moment many of the committee jobs are heavy burdens for those who are trying to do them. In this interim start-up phase there are lots of interdependencies -- it's difficult to decide what to do first. Please be patient with the process. What we should not do is remodel the governance structure we have just barely put in place.

I suggest we put aside any further discussion of Governing Board voting. Instead, let's focus on: 1. Making an active Recruitment Working Group for the Membership Committee so that we have more people than committees! (This will also help us find a VP and Treasurer) 2. Defining the scope of activities for each committee with particular emphasis on the Program Board 3. Understanding how the committees and Program Board work together to accomplish our organizational purposes 4. Negotiating our relationship with Foothill De Anza and College Open Textbooks. 5. Creating a functional budget for CCCOER to carry us from now through July 2011.

Item 4.CCCOER Phase Transitions - Continued from Oct 11 =

The purpose of this agenda item is to see if anyone has questions about the plan shown on Jacky and Cable updated it about 10 days ago. NB: There is discussion of this page you can see by clicking the "discussion" tab.

Item 5.CCCOER Funding

Log into the wiki, click on edit slightly above, right, and add your commentary here.

  • CCCOER Funding - Randy Fisher 06:23, 1 November 2010 (UTC)
  • Percentage of project revenues devoted to CCCOER admin, etc.
  • what amount 5% or more?

Item 6. Organizational Issues and Questions posed by the Communications Chair

  • Where are the budget documents for this organization located? Who has access to them? How does the governing board get access to this information?
  • What is the relationship between CCCOER and commercial corporations? In one meeting we gave time to Dynamic Books and in the next we are accepting money for travel to conferences from Flatworld Knowledge. We should be deciding as a group what organizations best represent the message of OER. We should have some clarification on our relationship with these organizations and what contracts or understandings we may have with them. We should be concerned about the appearance of possible conflicts of interest.
  • What is the status of the OER definition that was meant to be included in the mission statement? If we are being asked to encourage people to join this organization, our mission statement should reflect we are promoting.
  • What is the relationship between COT and CCCOER?
My understanding is that COT is a project under the CCCOER umbrella. Thus far, it has been the 'flagship' project. - Randy Fisher 17:38, 1 November 2010 (UTC)
  • How are people, resources, and funds allocated between the two organizations? Who makes those decisions? What processes are in place for in-put into making these decisions?
  • The goals of the COT and CCCOER seem to be different. Why are COT staff being used to represent COT goals at an event that is supposedly a CCCOER event?

Geoff Cain: My goal here is to foster transparency - I am looking for information that will allow me to make informed decisions. I understand that this is an organization in flux. If some of these questions have already been answered, I apologize in advance, but lets get them in writing somewhere to help others who may be asking the same questions or who will ask those questions later.

Item 7. Committee Reports

  1. Governing Board as a whole has appointed Liza Loop to be interim Executive Director

Item 8. Proposed Items for next week

  1. Committee & Working Group Reports:
$ Dev. Comm. - DoL working group - James
$ Dev. Comm. - NextGen working group - Kimberly
  1. Progress on filling vacencies (if needed)
  2. Membership Comm.
Survey Working Group - Geoff
  1. CCCOER Budget Policy - Nov. 1 through Dec.31 - Liza

Meeting Minutes

Meeting convened = 12:03pm PDT, November 1, 2010
Cable discussed goals of filling Treasurer and VP positions. VP should be easier to fill.
Jacky – presented list of suggestions for Interim Officers (see meeting slides)
Jacky – mentioned that Geoff wants to switch to VP position, vacating Communications Chair
Approved = Geoff’s move to VP
Jacky – more concerned about someone who knows about and cares about organization at this point for Treasurer position, at least in interim.
Vote for moves to new positions
Angela will ask Lorah Gough if she will fill either Elections co-chair or Communications Chair
Continued discussion of others on Jacky’s list for potential interim officers
Item 3 – no changes
We will keep chair/co-chair concern of changing bylaws unchanged.
John will meet with Angela at end of week to begin discussion of Elections process
Jacky – Transitions discussion (began October 11) with Cable
Criteria for moving into the Interim phase:
• The intermediate phase is defined, i.e., the third column of the table below is filled out.
• All the requirements that Hewlett needs (bylaws, dues, sponsorship opportunities, branded merchandise). We have met all of these but branded merchandise and we can get that waived.
• An Interim Treasurer has been found.
• Members have been notified of the new agreement.
• At least some colleges have signed the new agreement.
• Thirty people are actively participating (in addition to staff)
• An Interim Executive Director has been found. -- DONE October 29th. Liza volunteered and the Governing Board voted 9-0 to accept her offer.
Thanked Liza for commitment to serving as Interim Executive Director.
Liza – FHDA is fiscal agent at this point
FHDA transitions away from fiscal agent should be benchmarked in this process
Highlighted in table (/CCCOER/Transition) “FHDA (will request)”
Jacky has requested that grants VP approve transition at FHDA
Goes to Presidents (De Anza and Foothill)
FHDA remains fiscal authority for first 5-6 months of 2011
CCCOER becomes independent in final phase
FHDA not interested in being fiscal agent in final phase
How will this affect FHDA’s interest in applying for grants…getting CCCOER’s blessing…during intermediate phase
Judy is still financial authority during intermediate phase
Jacky has made clear to FHDA that transition is a requirement of the grant.
Cable – Will FHDA have a problem with not being fiscal agent beyond intermediate phase?
Jacky – Likely not
Jacky – We need to fill in blanks in Intermediate phase (i.e. John needs to talk with Monica about membership, etc.)
Liza – Will I join John and Monica on discussions about membership transition?
John – That’s fine with me.
Liza – Will wait for more consensus.
Randy – Should CCCOER take a percentage of the grants?
Cable – Participants in CCCOER will likely take part in the work of the grant, thus taking some of the funding. Likely not take a percentage into CCCOER fund.
Liza – Have finance committee discuss.
Have Angela convene finance committee
Cable – Should focus on encouraging institutions to think about CCCOER for grant support…”here’s the value we bring”
CCCOER can be an endorsement, advertising, etc.
Jacky – Finance committee and Financial Development committee should get together to discuss position on accepting funds on grants. No objections.
Geoff – Reminded that Hewlett might be able to supply additional funding ongoing.
Jacky – we shouldn’t count on this funding though…we should still count on member dues because we don’t know if the funding will come through.
Randy – we should focus on both finances and communication. We should be going to institutions and working on discussions of how to partner in an effective way.
Geoff, Angela – Need to reveal info about funding sources
John – need to do both that and emphasize dues structure
Susie – agreed…do both, emphasize funding sources
Liza – Geoff will make talking points slide
John – propose discussing Monday meetings next week
Geoff will delay discussion of Organizational Issues and Questions Posed by Communications Chair
Meeting adjourned – 1:18pm

I. Geoff to VP, Angela to Treasurer
a. Cable moved, Randy seconded
b. Motion passes = 6 yes votes, 0 no votes
c. Geoff = VP; Angela = Treasurer