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Winter 2011

  • proposed location: at League of Innovation Conference in San Diego, February

Spring 2011

  • proposed location: College of the Canyons, May/June

Fall 2011

info coming soon...

Past Meetings

December 2010 Quarterly Meeting

Who has the notes from this meeting? Please post.

Other Ideas

  • OER resource lists,
  • speakers bureau,
  • e-learning courses
  • online special interest groups
  • CCCOER sponsored conferences
  • CCCOER meetings held at other conferences
  • conference presentations
  • best practices seminars
  • OER adoption trainings
  • continuing all COT activities
  • Member Webinar - i.e., Human Presence & Distance Learning, by Douglas Hersh, Dean, Educational Technology, Santa Barbara Community College, October 2010 (archived presentation)