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Quarterly - December 9, 2010

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Click on archive to view this session. The chat, slides, and participant list will be posted on the Event page. The whiteboard is too large to upload to the event page; write to if you need a copy. Some of the slidesets may also be too large. The limit is 5M.

Results from Oct. 21, Nov. 4, and Nov. 18 Meetings

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Open Action Items

Angela: Provide own slides (for Houston best practices presentation) by Sept. 15. (Monica has contacted Angela via email over the past few weeks. As of Nov. 9, Monica left voice message about progress of tasks. As of Nov. 18, Angela said she'll send slides). DUE NOV. 19.

Monica: Double-check w/Leslie about which electronics are in room. Also need to know how the logons and passwords work so that we can include a handout about this. On that handout we should ask attendees to not use their own computers. This will prevent the need for extension cords and internet connections. Monica left voicemail 11/19 - Leslie out on vacation until 11/29. However, last time I spoke to her, the room was fully loaded with everything we could ever want :-) I asked, also, about whether we can configure the desks in a u-shape. Note from Jacky -- we need to know if 'everything' includes a speaker phone with remote mics and how many telephone lines there are; it would be great to have a back-up telephone line.

Updates as of 11/30:

  • we can't move the desks - they are in rows.
  • The room doesn't have a Polycom, so we'll need to bring our own. Leslie is still waiting to hear from the phone guys about how many phone lines are in the room.
  • Since Sharyn is working on the handout, I moved the "no computers" item to her action item list (below).

Randy: Finish glue slides (contact Jacqui or Geoff for picture of Jacqui); work w/Sharyn.

Micheline and Sharyn: Per Sharyn's suggestions, liven up Ning advertisement.

Sharyn: Send 600 email invitations by Nov. 22nd.

Sharyn: Handouts (flier, agenda in a folder); Flash drives as door prizes; dish for business cards; sign about door prizes. Nametags.

On the handout, we should ask attendees to not use their own computers.
Jacky: Invite guests to dry-run.

Una: Use webtour for video for Clare's presentation; try it in the dry run; take that video to the meeting on the 9th. (Monica updated slides; emailed to Una, Jacky, and Clare).

John and others: Register for the meeting.

Completed Action Items

Randy/Geoff: Work on presentation slides, DUE NOV. 19. Green-Tick.svg

Una: Contact Zack and Greg to present best practices (Sandy will not be able to attend the meeting, nor work on Dec. 9 planning.) Note: Folsom is first choice. (They said, "no")Green-Tick.svg

Group: set time for Nov. 30 dry-run - Monica has sent out a Doodle (Nov. 5, 2010). Time set for 11am.
Angela: Invite Jacqui Cain to present for Best PracticesGreen-Tick.svg

Jacqui: send slides Green-Tick.svg

Monica: food finalized Green-Tick.svg

Monica: Contact Clare - will she be using same slides as before? contacted her on Nov. 18: yes Green-Tick.svg

Geoff: Select a speaker from Evergreen Valley College to deliver a "welcome" presentation. Geoff invited Leslie Williams to welcome us and she accepted. Here is Leslie's profile .

Sharyn: Complete Google form, so people can begin signing up - (Comment.gif: SEE LINKED PLANNING DOCUMENT BELOW - WE NEED SOME INFO - FORM IS READY TO GO ONCE INFO IS PROVIDED)

Monica: choose and secure a northern California college location for the December 9 4Q10 meeting.
Evergreen College in San Jose is confirmed. Green-Tick.svg

Monica: notify Clare that the committee invites her to present ISKME research on December 9.Green-Tick.svg

Joanne, Jacky & others: investigate having the 1Q11 meeting at the League of Innovation Conference in San Diego Feb 27-Mar 2. DONE: See [1] for details Green-Tick.svg

Tom: contact FolkSemantic about presenting at the Research Presentations October 18 Green-Tick.svg Joel Duffin of FolkSemantic will give a presentation at the Research meeting

Jacky: send information about the Research Presentations October 18 to Joanne so she can preview Clare's talk. Everyone is welcome to attend that event. Green-Tick.svg Insert non-formatted text here


Green-Tick.svg    Oct. 21: Planning Meeting

Green-Tick.svg    Oct. 21: Agenda ownership identified

Green-Tick.svg    Oct. 22: Venue details finalized

Green-Tick.svg    Oct. 31: Google registration form finished

Green-Tick.svg    Nov. 1: First day to register using Google form

Green-Tick.svg    Nov. 4: Planning Meeting

Green-Tick.svg    Nov. 8: Micheline will post events on both Nings (no RSVP)

Nov. 15: Draft slides due

Green-Tick.svg    Nov. 18: Planning Meeting

Green-Tick.svg    Nov. 30: Dry run (11am PT)

Dec. 1: Final slides due

Dec. 2: Planning Meeting

Dec. 2: Decide if phone calls necessary

Dec. 3: Last day to register to receive nametag and appear on slides

Dec. 6: Handouts, folders, and nametags ready

Dec. 9: Bring the following to meeting:

  • Container for business cards
  • Sign about the door prizes
  • Door prizes: flash drives

Dec. 9: 11am-2:30pm, Quarterly Meeting

Future Planning Meetings

Past Planning Meetings

Dry-Run Login Information

Nov. 30, 11am PT


  • Dial your telephone conference line: (888) 886-3951
  • Enter your passcode: 903122
  • Go to
  • Click the Participant Log In button under the Meet & Confer logo
  • Locate your meeting and click Go.
  • Fill out the form and enter the pass word: 903122

*0 - Contact the operator for assistance with the audio.
*6 - Mute/unmute your individual line with a private announcement.
CCC Confer Client Services is available Monday through Friday between
8:00 am - 4:00 pm at 760-744-1150 ext 1537 or 1554

Planning Meeting Login Information

  • Planning Meetings are on the following Thursdays: Oct 21, Nov. 4, Nov. 18, Dec. 2; 10:30am Pacific, 11:30am Mountain, 12:30pm Central, 1:30pm Eastern Time
  • Go to: CCCconfer Meeting Schedule Page
  • Find the meeting at 10:30am called "CCCOER - Quarterly Meeting - Planning - December" and click on GO at the end of the row.
  • Complete your information, and the Participant Code: 479726
  • For voice dial 888 886-3951 and enter the same code 479726 plus the # sign
  • To mute your phone, STAR 6; unmute your phone STAR 6
  • We plan on having this meeting recorded, and will post the recording on this page.


  1. Where should the meeting be? -- Northern California
  2. When should the meeting be? -- Thursday, Dec. 9, 2010
  3. who is the audience, and what they want - (for marketing- Answer: Liza seems to have answered below?? Sharyn)
  4. is this a membership meeting for conducting membership business OR a mini-conference for listening to presentation? (Liza) OR Both? -- Answer BOTH
  5. Will the committee accept Clare Middleton-Detzner's offer to present ISKME's open textbook research findings? - YES
    1. Backup Presentation by Folksemantic (funded by Hewlett & NSF) - Tom (explore their research focus)
    2. Research Resources -


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Randy Fisher, Master of Ceremonies
Angela and Sharyn will monitor CCCConfer Chat and Participants
Note: All times are Pacific Time
11:30am: Welcome by host college - Leslie Williams of Evergreen CC.
11:45am: Introductions
12:00pm: Best practices at colleges

  • Houston (Lorah & Angela)  Angela confirmed and may come in person. Donated 10 minutes to Jacqui.
  • Jacqui Cain, Community College of Aurora, Developmental Education on Washington grant. - Confirmed, 30 minutes.

1:00pm: Geoff Cain (presenter) and Randy Fisher (facilitator) Survey results and brainstorming about survey results -- This will be one brainstorming session on CCCOER because everyone in the live session has a computer Confirmed
1:30pm: Break
1:40pm: Clare Middleton-Detzner, from ISKME, open textbook research - Una Daly will show a film she made of students presenting results of Clare's researchConfirmed
2:30pm: Adjourn

Registered Attendees

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name title organization attending comment
Monica Sain CCCOER Admin Foothill College In person Quarterly Meeting Project Leader
Randy Fisher Project Manager CCCOER In person Also with iCentro Corporation
Cable Green Interim President CCCOER Remotely Also leads Washington SBCTC
Jacky Hood Director CCCOER In person Also with Foothill College
Sharyn Fitzpatrick Marketing Team COT In person Happy About

Other Represented Organizations

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  • ABC College
  • DEF Company
  • GHI Non-Profit
  • JKL Government Agency