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This is an historical record of this meeting - please do not change



Action Items

James and John, arrange for the 2Q11 meeting to be at College of the Canyons.

Monica: choose and secure a northern California college location for the December 9 4Q10 meeting.

Monica: notify Clare that the committee invites her to present ISKME research on December 9.

Joanne, Jacky & others: investigate having the 1Q11 meeting at the League of Innovation Conference in San Diego Feb 27-Mar 2.

Tom: contact FolkSemantic about presenting at the October 18 Research Meeting

Jacky also had an action item to send this link to Joanne so she can preview Clare's talk. Everyone is welcome to attend that event.


Jo, Tom, Una, Micheline, John, James, Randy, Monica, Cable, Liza, Jacky, Sharyn

  • Tentative Host: College of the Canyons: (James)
  • Co-Project Leaders (i.e., Monica nominated by Jacky; Sharyn as backup support to Monica)
  • plan the program (i.e., over the next couple of months)
  • manage the attendees
  • manage the local arrangements (at host institution)
  • Lessons Learned

Locations (proposed)

College of the Canyons in southern California tentatively offered to host. John and James have staff who could handle facilities, technology, catering, parking, etc.

We also have three member colleges in/near Silicon Valley (other than Foothill): De Anza, Evergreen, and Ohlone; these would be convenient for the Foothill staff to take care of the logistics of the meeting.

I would like to see everyone in the f2f meeting have (access to) a computer so that all participants show up in the list and all can chat and write on the whiteboard


  1. Where should the meeting be? -- Northern California
  2. When should the meeting be? -- Thursday, Dec. 9, 2010
  3. who is the audience, and what they want - (for marketing)
  4. is this a membership meeting for conducting membership business OR a mini-conference for listening to presentation? (Liza) OR Both?
  5. Will the committee accept Clare Mortensen's offer to present ISKME's open textbook research findings? - YES
    1. Backup Presentation by Folksemantic (funded by Hewlett & NSF) - Tom (explore their research focus)
    2. Research Resources -

Membership Business

  1. Grants: update on grant pursuits (Big Idea)
  2. Survey Results: reporting on survey results (then, next steps / action items - what do we do next)
  3. Election: board election process before election occurs (Liza. Tom) - description of what will happen, prodding to rejoin, etc.; OR Board election (whichever comes first)
  4. Bylaws:
  5. Membership Agreement


  1. Best practices: (Jacky, supported by others) (i.e., Folsom - Zack & Greg); NJ - Ron Ronkowitz; Houston (Laura & Angela); also update from WA State (Cable, Librarian from P2PU class); faculty member who is actually doing / building stuff
  • Brainstorming: Allow enough time for Discussion, Q&A - time to talk - directions for CCCOER; feedback from survey results about open textbooks AND larger organization
  • pull out specific elements from the survey to focus discussion on, to engage and re-engage stakeholders - for What should we do now? (Tom) - re: value proposition for CCCOER membership and organization sustainability (Liza, Randy); listening to our membership

Other Agenda Items

  • Use of WikiEducator - trialling first with December Quarterly Meeting (Randy)
  • Lessons learned from meetings in 2009* - very brief (Una, Jacky)
  • Lessons learned from March 2010 - very brief (Monica, Una, Sharyn, Mitchell, Jacky)
  • Lessons learned from June 7 2010 - (Monica, Una, Liza, Sharyn, Mitchell, Jacky)
  • Lessons learned from September 15 2010 - (Monica, Micheline, Una, Liza, Sharyn, Jacky)
  • Should the meeting be face-to-face?
  • Is the primary purpose of these meetings to create a forum for members to get together to conduct Consortium business and exchange ideas or are these meetings mini-conferences with invited outside speakers?

Background Information

(from Jacky) In 2009, the four meetings consisted primarily of the participants introducing themselves. If they had done something in OER since the previous meeting, that was presented. There would be perhaps one other topic. In December 2009, so many members attended that the intros took an hour and one of the guests protested (off-line). So we changed to listing the participants on the slides. In June, we had three colleges invited to present best practices.

In my presentation on September 17, I suggested that the meetings have been very focused on open textbooks and that I would like to see focus on other OER; I know Judy would be in favor of this. She is not a fan of textbooks.

The September 2009 and all three meetings in 2010 have had a major section alloted to self-sustainability of CCCOER.

The March 2010 meeting was a little chaotic because the guest speaker broke her kneecap and we did not know till the middle of the meeting if she would join us by phone. Also the room was bursting with people. The June and September meetings were very polished but there was a lot of last-minute scrambling that we would like to avoid in the future.

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Action Items

  • To Do - based on email from Jacky to Monica, October 1, 2010