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Content Development Initiative
The University of Education Winneba (UEW) is the only University in Ghana mandated solely to train teachers for the pre-tertiary institutions in the country. Within this broad mandate, the University seeks to spearhead the development of Educational Content for its stakeholders as has been clearly outlined in he University’s Strategic Plan. This has lead to the initiation of the UEW Content Development Initiative under the funding of the Partnership for Higher Eduction in Africa. This project aims to encourage the UEW community in particular and Ghana in general to become uploaders of content and participants in the global knowledge economy. This capacity building initiative will lead to curriculum change and the role of the teacher and student in the instructional delivery.


  1. Engage the University Community in Digital Open Educational Content production where the community pays for Internet access through content production;
  2. Create a communication forum where the University becomes aware of the community’s interest and reacts to them and thus is able to adjust its curriculum effectively to meet community interest.