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Quotable Quotes

Change your expectations, and the results suddenly improve. - Randy Fisher

"If we aren’t willing to be affected by the Other, then what, really, is the point of engagement at all? - Paul B. Hartzog in

Self-organising, peer production communities are very different from the traditional model, hence the fear of organisations to try it out.

Administrators and decision-makers who don't have experience of the effectiveness and agility of self-organising systems find it hard to take decisions committing time and resources to this kind of approach. In some respects, its like learning to swim -- you have got to get your feet wet.

One way that has worked well for us is the pilot project approach. We encourage and support organisations to test the waters with a small but focused project. Once members of the project team see and experience the benefits of the self-organising approach -- they're sold. It takes time -- but authentic experience is a powerful approach in supporting organisations with incremental transformation. - Wayne Mackintosh, November 2009

"We chose the co-op model because the most logical way to combat problems so large is by co-operation. Community spirit is the most sustainable and renewable energy there is."

Rock Radovan, President and Founding Member, Sustainable Ottawa –

In “Saying Yes to Solar”, by Patrick Langston, The Ottawa Citizen Published: Saturday, June 21, 2008. Retrieved December 25, 2008 from

"Projects plans come and go, but stakeholders remain the same." -Randy Fisher, to Chris from Australia, Dec. 29, 2008

"Project management without support for change and the inevitable transition from the old to the new, misses the point. Igniting passion in the hearts and minds of your people sparks a new energy for learning, collaboration and growth." - Randy Fisher, November 2, 2010

Thought For The Day
The way to avoid mistakes is to gain experience. The way to gain experience is to make mistakes.
Educating Tribal Girls, Pune-India.

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