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Go To Meeting Questions

  • my understanding is that I could provide a phone number, for dial-in conferencing - which makes it easy for the user (a definite plus). Of course, they could also use the PC/Mac if they want, and VOIP, IM
  • what is the limitation on the number of attendees - I recall 25 in the corporate version, 15 in the basic - correct?
  • Unlimited meetings - correct?
  • is there a limitation on meeting duration (i.e., 2 hour meeting) - Yes / No (if so, what is the limitation and / or extra fee(s)
  • recording / playback - no extra charge for this - correct?
  • pricing - is this in Canadian or US dollars, and is it billed monthly or annually?
  • contract - is this locked in, or month to month
  • what are the local dialup access numbers... i.e., separate numbers in Canada and US, to reach the same conference?