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Hi all, I am Naveen, a Lecturer in English from a place called Koppa, India. I teach English to undergraduate students from different streams. There are Science, Arts, Commerce and Management students. You know, to my students, most who are from rural background, the subject English is a nightmare. Most of them, especially, students of Arts stream, struggle to get through in the exams in English subject. One more problem with we English teachers here is that of large class rooms. I engage classes where the student strength is above 60. We need to engage 16 hours a week, but my work load is more than 20 hours. Moreover, it is hard to find English teachers here. I am trying my level best to do justice to my job and the pay that i get!

I have joined the WIKI team so that i could learn from my counterparts from across the globe. I, indeed, don't know how well i could contribute to the WE, but I always look forward to learn from all the WE members. I am sure, i could win friends here and exchange healthy knowledge between one another.

I am also doing research on a topic "ELT specific computer literacy and internet enabling: A study and Survey," under the able guidance of Prof. Srinivas Ramakrishnan, who also happens to be an active contributor to the WE.

Hope to enjoy my time with WE group and learn a great deal.

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(Comment.gif: Hello Naveen. I got your name from your mentor Dr. Ramakrishnan. I am also a doctoral student and EFL teacher. I facilitate L4C classes at WE. I would be interested in collaborating with you on how to improve ELT. I am researching blended learning in higher education. --Warm wishes, Nellie Deutsch 14:33, 6 December 2008 (UTC))