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Here is the location of my Blog,


Professionally, I would like to connect with Jewish day and supplemental educators interested in developing a new professional career ladder for teachers starting in elementary school and continuing through graduate school. I have described this new career ladder for Judaic educators in these articles that you can access online:

Solomon, Richard (December, 2008). Development Ladder for Students and Teachers in a Jewish Day School. RAVSAK Journal, HaYidion. [1]

Richard, Solomon, Elaine & Bor, Hana (Fall, 2007). From Madrichim to Expert Educators: New Career Ladder for Professional Development for Supplementary and Day School Teachers, Jewish Education News, CAJE.

Solomon, Richard. (January, 2008). A New Career Development Ladder for Professional Development for Supplemental and Day School Teachers.

I write a blog five times a week entitled,Richard D. Solomon's Blog on Mentoring Jewish Students and Teachers, which you can access at this url:

My hope is that this Wiki page and the blog will become a forum in which people can exchange ideas on how to recruit, develop and retain exceptional Jewish educators through  mentoring students, teaching candidates, and teachers in our day and supplemental schools. Hence the Wiki page and the blog are designed for Judaic teachers, administrators, teacher trainers, professors, consultants, staff developers educational leaders in the field and others.


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