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Contact-new.svg Helen Lindsay
Website:Who's Teaching Whom Here?
Nationality:New Zealander

Who am I?

Tena koutou, my name is Helen. I am a senior lecturer in the Learning Centre at Otago Polytechnic, Dunedin, New Zealand. My education involved the study of Biology at Canterbury University where I completed a Master of Science in Zoology. After a number of different jobs in the sciences I decided to train as a Secondary School Teacher. I taught Science, Maths and Biology for five years before moving to Otago Polytechnic where I work in the area of academic support. For two years I co-ordinated a TEC funded project to build capability in embedding literacy and numeracy into the teaching and learning of courses up to level 5. I am now back in the Learning Centre and continuing to develop online resources for students and staff. My My other interests range from spending time with my partner and three children, gardening, sailing and mountain biking.

Blogs and Wiki's

My blog Who's Teaching Whom Here? Is a journal of my work. It began as a journal of my development of on-line support resources for students at Otago Polytechnic and the development of the wikieducator course Peer tutoring. I also have an interest in Early childhood education, particularly the Montessori method. More recently my blog has been documenting the development of a staff development module at otago Polytechnic.

Some of my other blogs include:

I am also trying to contribute to the Computer Literacy Resources for Teaching wiki pages and the Develop skills for tertiary study wiki pages in my spare time.


Helen Lindsay: helenplindsay at Feel free to leave a comment on my Blog.

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