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I think that silence is the best way for a person to deal with hard situations, but on the other hand silence is a repression of things and an escape from reality.

If people didn't talk and tell their story, other people would say it didn't really happen, making the holocaust just a story.

I would like to hear your opinion and to see your point of view.

Where is God

During the Holocaust, people lost their faith and their religion and actually you can not blame them because of the craziness and the horror. But people can not find the answer to the questions: Where is god Why did he do that? There is a reason for everything, even if we can't think about one, but god's decisions are unknown and unpredictable. I can say for myself that my family lost their faith a little bit only because of the holocaust. My grandfather was dispassionate too, just like Elie. Dispassionate developed during the holocaust because people lost their humanity and wished to kill others. Death in this era was a regular occurence for Jews, and after you live in such reality you lose yourself and your faith.

Hope to see your answer. Have a nice week Eitan.

The current situation in Israel

Hi Michael! I hope that you have a great Christmas, I know that you have heard about the situation in Israel lately and I would like to share with you a little information and tell you about my feelings. Our country is known as a country with a lot of "enemies" and wars, but people in the world do not know anything much about us. I think that the world does not see the entire picture in the Israeli-Hamas conflict, and they choose to see only one side. This operation in Gaza has been really necessary and required for along time, it has to be done because there is no other way. Our country had been attacked and bombed for 10 years in the south by the Hamas and other terroristic organizations. People in Sderot (city near Gaza) have been living in fear for 10 years because there are exposed to bombs for 24 hours. The main goal in this operation is to stop the terror and the bombings in the south. The current situation is that kids do not go to school properly and bombs fall in big cities. In my opinion, Hamas will not understand that it has to stop shooting bombs at Israel if we will not retaliate. It's very important to tell you this because we have been frustrated for along time, no matter what we do the world hates us and understand only the other side.

I Hope that I gave you another point of view on the current situation. Great week! Eitan.

(Comment.gif: Excellent compostion, Eitan. Your writing has improved a great deal. --Nellie Deutsch 13:02, 4 January 2009 (UTC))

Replay foreshadowing 16.12.08

When I read the task I thought that the peak of the foreshadowing is the "crazy" lady on the train that said that she saw fire. I think that this is foreshadowing because she actually discovered what was going to happen with them. The fire that she saw is their coming death in the death camps. I can't think about something else, so that is the only example I found.


Hi Michael! Well my grandparents escaped from Ukraine when the war had started so they weren't in a camp, but they had lived in the forest and in the fields. They told me that when the Germans came to their city they killed people in the streets in front of their families so my grandfather saw his own uncle die. My grandmother told me that her father died in a tank in Poland when she was 5 years old.

About the subjects that you mentioned, in Israel every pupil has to study math, English, History, literature, Hebrew, citizenship bible and P.E. Every pupil has to do a "bagrut" exam in every subject to graduate successfully the high school. In addition, every pupil has to do a bagrut exam in subject that you choose like chemistry, economy, psychology and every single subject that your school has.

I don’t really know what I want to be when I grow up but I think that something that will be connected to science. I'm sorry I didn’t answer you the last week but I had a really important test in trigonometry so I had to study. Hope to hear from you again. Eitan.

(Comment.gif: Excellent writing, Eitan. --Warm wishes, Nellie Deutsch 10:24, 14 December 2008 (UTC))


Hi. My name is Eitan Margulis. I'm 16 years old male. I live in Netanya, Israel. I live with my parents and with my brother who is older than me. I study biotechnology, biology, and chemistry and all the compulsory courses at school. My favorite subjects in school are chemistry and biotechnology laboratory. I read that you are interested in our elections, well we didn’t have elections yet, but we had elections for the local municipality, and in our city a woman called Miriam Fayerberg was elected for the third time with a majority of 81%. Our city is very small if we compare it to your cities. But the city of Netanya is very beautiful and special. Netanya is located on the coastal plain of Israel, so we have a nice beach. As I understood, we should be doing a project on the holocaust. As a Jew, it's a very sensitive subject for me, not only because 6,000,000 million people died, but because they were Jews. My grandmother and grandfather survived this terrible experience. I hope that this project will bring us the opportunity to know a little more about the Holocaust. I'm very curious to know you and to work with you! So I hope we will have a great project. Good Bye! Eitan.

(Comment.gif: Nice work, Eitan. I approve. --Warm wishes, Nellie Deutsch 17:34, 8 December 2008 (UTC))

Night-What do we know so far?

Elie Wiesel is a survival of the holocaust, and the writer of the book “Night”. From the exposition we can understand that Elie was 12 years old boy who was a religious Jew. Elie lived in 1941 in Sigit in Romania. The characters that were mentioned in the story are: Elie,Moshe the Beadel and Elie's father. We got a specific description of Moshe, he looks like a clown and someone that the kids like him, especially Jews. Another important thing is that he is involved in the Kabala. From the description of Elie's father we can understand that he is a very unemotional man that his friends are more important for him, even more than his family. Elie had a special interest in the Jewish religion, especially in the kabala and he found a teacher that would teach him the Kabala, even if his father didn’t allow him to do so. Elie had found Moshe, that would teach him the Kabala.


When I read the task I thought that the peak of the foreshadowing is the "crazy" lady on train that said that she saw fire. I think that this is a foreshadowing because she actually discoverd what is going to happen with them. The fire that she saw is their coming death in the death camps. I can't think about something else, so that is the only example I found. (Comment.gif: Excellent writing, Eitan. --Nellie Deutsch 18:47, 17 November 2008 (UTC))