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Contact-new.svg A.K.M. Iftekhar Khalid
Employer:Bangladesh Open University
Occupation:Assistant Director (Training)
Other roles:Researcher
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Employment History

Currently, I have been working for training and research section of Bangladesh Open University Bangladesh Open University as Deputy Director (Training).

Current Duties and Responsiblity

Usually, I coordinate training and workshop programme which are usually funded by BOU or by Foreign organizations like Commonwealth of Learning,UNESCO and other local and foreign organizations.

I am responsible for maintaining international communication. My desk is a full-fledged international desk. Thus, I usually work those issues that involve international policy and decision.

I am also responsible for looking after study leave and duty leave for higher studies, training, seminar, conference in home and abroad. Along with those, I have to do administrative duties basically file works too. So, I have to communicate those national and international organizing bodies.

Research works for Open and Distance Learning evaluation and eLearning possibilities and prospective in Bangladesh are other areas in which I like to participate and I write reports for those research studies. So research works are additional jobs I usually do.

Previous Duties

Previously, I was a Faculty of NIIT, an Indian IT education academy NIIT. I taught computer programming and networking for more than  4  years. As a Faculty of NIIT, I held different positions which were Senior Faculty, Group Leader Systems and Centre Head.

Teaching Experience

Faculty (June 20, 2004 – May 9, 2005)

A. Hamid Road, Pabna -6000 NIIT Pabna Branch


  • Conducting classes on Computer programming language, Computer Networking as well as Communicative and Business English.
  • Looking after Software Implementation in the Network. 
  • Network Administration based on Windows 2000 and Linux(Red Hat) 7.2 version
  •  Making Monthly Business and Marketing Plan.
  • Maintaining Crux(Customized Software of NIIT)
  • Managing Online Classroom
  • Managing Online Examinations
  • Administrating CD Based Training using Simulation Software.
  • Faciliting eLearning system.


Faculty (April 30, 2001 - June 19, 2004)

137, Shantinagar, Dhaka-1217

NIIT Shantinagar Branch


  • Conducting classes on Computer programming language, Computer Networking as well as Communicative and Business English. 
  • Managing the Office and Preparing other Faculty members for Classes 
  • Educational Software Documentation 
  • Educational Software Development 
  • Software Demonstration & Implementation 
  • Taking Feedback of the Faculty 
  • Maintaining Crux(Customized Software of NIITI worked for computer programming.
  • Managing Online Classroom
  • Managing Online Examinations
  • Administrating CD Based Training using Simulation Software.
  • Faciliting eLearning system.

Programmer (January 1, 1999 - April 29, 2001)

SoftEdge Computer Systems Ltd.

64/4, Naya Paltan (3rd Floor) Dhaka-1000

SoftEdge Computer Systems Ltd.

As a programmer, I did the following responsibilities:

  • Looking after business 
  • Administering NT4.0 and Linux 6.2 Networking 
  • Taking data backup 
  • Administering MS SQL 6.5 Database.

Simultanously, I also taught English secondary and higher secondary level for 4 years.I worked for both government and private organizations and played different roles. I am trying to integrate all my expertize and aim primarily to serve the people of Bangladesh.

Extra Effort

I also work after office at home for developing eLearning Contents for training from existing training materials of Bangladesh Open University.

Academic Qualification

I did BA(Hons) in English and MA in English from Rajshahi University, Bangladesh. I completed a three years IT Diploma from NIIT, Dhanmondi, Bangladesh. Simultaneously, I completed a postgraduate business administration diploma, Shorter MBA from Islamic University Chittagong, Dhaka Campus.

Programme Board/Institute/University Country
Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Rajshahi Board Bangladesh
Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) Rajshahi Board Bangladesh
BA (Hons) in English University of Rajshahi Bangladesh
MA in English University of Rajshahi Bangladesh
Shorter MBA(Post Graduate Diploma) IIUC, Dhaka Campus Bangladesh
GNIIT (3 Years IT Graduate Diploma ) NIIT, Dhanmondi, Dhaka Campus India Based IT Institute

Research & Publications

  1. Changes of Learners’ Socio-Economic Context after Completing a Professional Education from Bangladesh Open University (This paper has been selected for Fifth Pan Commonwealth Forum (PCF5) (13-17 July 2008, London)
  2. Evaluation of the Quality of Tutorial Service Provided by Bangladesh Open University (BOU) for Higher Secondary Certificate Programme (This research has been funded by BOU)
  3. Learners' Preparation for Participating in a ELearning Programme : Bangladesh Perspective (This research has been funded by BOU)
  1. Changes of learners' socio-economic context after completing a professional education from Bangladesh Open University
  2. Demand of eLearning for Professional Education and Learners’ Preparation: Bangladesh Perspective

Recent Training

--I received many a times training from NIIT during the period I worked as a faculty at NIIT, Bangladesh. I gave details of training I attended after joining to Bangladesh Open University --

Training Title Institute Country
Third Country Training Programme in e-Learning Technology Advance Digital Media Technology Center, UCSC, University of Colombo Sri Lanka
News and Programme Presentation Luminous B Bangladesh
Writing, Editing and Quality Control Bangladesh Open University Bangladesh
Modern Office Management Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre Bangladesh


My areas of interest are organizing training programme for transferring skill and knowledge for human resource development and developing Research Proposal and Completing the Research Work and I like to get the feel that my research projects are getting finished one after another.


Someday in future, I would be able to serve the people of the country more efficiently as I hope to have a chance to work at the policy making body for one public institution.

Professional Qualification

  • Microsoft Certified Professonal (MCP) for Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Administration


  1. Bengali
  2. English
  3. Hindi(I can understand well but I have to speak slowly)
  4. Urdu(I can understand well but I have to speak slowly)

Workshop Day Nine Exercise

Instructional Design For eLearning

Lesson One Introduction to Instructional Design for eLearning
Introduction to Instructional Design for eLearning/Test/