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Learning Intention: Use verbs to describe what we are doing when food shopping

WALT (We Are Learning To):

1. Use the correct verbs while talking about shopping.

2. To use the verbs they have learnt in simple present tense sentences.

3. Monitor our own progress in this unit by recording reflections and evaluations in an on-going journal.

Success Criteria

We know we will have achieved this when:

1. We can describe actions in shopping using two different sentences.

2. We can pronounce two different sentences using verbs in present tense.

3. We have recorded reflective journal entries and scores in our journal as indicated during each lesson. Your teacher will show you how to put this into your Learning Journal.


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Vocabulary and Sentence Structures

The following are the vocabulary and sentence structures used in this lesson:


File:Vocab4.pdf Your teacher will give you a copy of this to put into your Learning Journal.


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Re-visit of lesson one, two and three vocabulary and sentence structures.

Extension Activity: word match game

Activity One

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Activity One

Your teacher will show you these videos:

Task ii

Shopping actions video


If you can't open this file please visit the FLV website and download the free FLV player.

flv player website

Activity Three

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Your teacher will show you how to do this comic activity.

Task i

Comic Action Creation:

Write or make your own sentences with at least six new verbs that you have learnt in this lesson.



Task ii

Word and Picture Match:

Word and Picture Match


File:Lesson4wordmatch.pdf Glue the finished tasks from above into your Learning Journal.


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Peer assessment.

Your teacher will show you how to assess other students work:

Peerrubric3.png When someone has marked your Rubric glue it into your Learning Journal.