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Course Layout

Course Objectives

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By the end of the course participants will be able:

Stage One

Agenda for Session 1

WikiEducator is...

  1. Wiki in Plain English
  2. Que es un Wiki? (in Spanish)
  3. Community explains WikiEducator

Creating an Account

  • Please read Tutorial 2: Create an account. Confirm your WikiEducator Account (look for an email in your email inbox)
  • See also:
How to create a WikiEducator Account on Video

Using workshop pages

1. Enter your user name and real name on Usernames page. Notice that your User Name is (and your peers' User Names are) automatically hyperlinked to your/their User Pages

2. Introduce yourself to the other participants and welcome each other (the "wiki way") on the Introductions page.

3. Please share your motivations and hopes in taking this course on the Discussions page.

  • Please add your Username and/or your wiki-signature to your entry. For instructions on how to add or personalize your wiki-signature see help page Signature.

4. Add feedback and questions on the Feedback page

Activities for the week

  1. Watch the video about E-mail notifications
  2. Youtube Video on interesting Wikieducator pages

Stage Two


Editing Basics

Basic Text Formatting

Using Workshop Pages

Helpful External links

Stage Three


Using your User Page

Here are possible headings to start you off on your profile. Please copy and paste the headings on your page. You can always change and/or add to these. For learning how to use "My Title" template {{MyTitle|Replace this text with the prefered title of your page}}, please see help page Personalizing wiki pages.

{{MyTitle|Replace this text with the prefered title of your page}}

=My Profile=

==Professional Background==

==Personal Background==

==My Interests==


==My Projects==

==My Sandbox==

==My Reflection==

==Feedback & Notes from my WikiNeighbours==

See Also

Helpful Videos

Stage 4


Using workshop pages

1. Leave a personal message on the User page of at least three different participants who have listed their user pages. To do this:
  • go to the respective user page by clicking on a blue coloured link.
  • click on the "Discussion" tab of the user page concerned (which you find at the top of the page). Add a positive comment on something you have seen on the member's user page, and if you have any ideas on how to improve the user page, offer some friendly advice.
2. If you receive a message from one of the other participants, send a reply by clicking on their user name which is displayed in the automatic signature below the message. Try and comment on something positive you have seen on their user page, and if you have any ideas on how to improve the user page offer some friendly advice.
3. In addition, you may wish to be a good wikineighbour and welcome the newest members.
4. Test the feature of adding a discussion item which relates to a content page on the wiki. Now find out another content page of interest on WikiEducator, go to its Discussion page and either start a new discussion or go through the on going discussions, and add your comments by clicking the Reply link.
5. Add feedback and questions at Feedback page.