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My Wiki Activities

  • Development and Launch of Learning4Content Zambia website
  • Collecting and maintaining WikiEducator stats for M&E purposes
  • Actively building capacity for development under the Learning4Content (L4C) initiative.
  • (Co-) facilitation of online workshops for the Learning4Content (L4C) project.
  • Development and Launch of the Culture Wiki Portal
  • Creation of online Open Educational Resources (OERs) for Cost and Finance for Open Schools course materials, in collaboration with the author of these materials, Mr. Ed du Vivier, on behalf of Mrs. Frances Ferreira, Education Specialist, Basic Education & Open Schools at COL using the Wiki platform.
  • Participation in Wiki Newbie Tutorials training
  • Organisation of the FLOSS4Edu_Pacific_Workshop, held in Wellington, New Zealand;
  • Coordination of the FLOSS4Edu_East_Africa_Chapter, held in Winneba, Ghana;
  • Organisation of the CCNC Review Meeting, held at COL CCNC
  • First Wiki Task: Creation of the initial country node pages for the Virtual University for Small States in the Commonwealth programme VUSSC