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an open computer

Open Computing collects, organizes and promotes the development of learning materials available on Wikieducator related to using a computer, with emphasis on materials that provide instruction on how to use free (open) computer software programs.

See the Wikieducator tutorial Freedom as a Concept for a discussion of the meaning and scope of free computer software.

The table below lists current and complete elearning materials, sortable by title, content area, type and level of computer knowledge, and type of material.

Title Content Area Computer Knowledge Type of Material
Concepts of Information Technology Basic Concepts in Computing General, beginner Tutorial
Digital Information Literacy Basic Concepts in Computing General, beginner Tutorial
Foundational Computer Skills Basic Concepts in Computing General, beginner Tutorial
Using audacity: digital audio editor Media General, intermediate Tutorial
Using a text editor for wiki editing, rather than a word processor Media Intermediate wiki users Study Guide

Learning Materials for Older Versions of Software

OpenOffice: learning materials based on OpenOffice 2

Open Computing Project

For Wikieducators interested in contributing to the Open Computing project, see

Project planning