Module 6: Open Office Impress

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Module 6 Presentations: Using OpenOffice Impress

Module Overview

Welcome to Module 6 OpenOffice Impress.

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By the end of this Module you will have mastered the knowledge and skills to be able to develop, format, modify and use a presentation, which can be useful for a variety of contexts, for example, presenting research findings to different stakeholders.

In the process of learning how to work with presentations you will be able to generate and apply standard formating, text and graphic animations, slide shows and printing presentations.

Study Tips

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Examples include:

  • We recommend you study Modules 1, 2 and 3 before this one, because they provide the essential knowledge for you to work with the OpenOffice Impress functions, including saving files, formatting text and retrieving information from other files

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Module Sections

Module References

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About this Module

Module 6 OpenOffice Impress

  • Attribution: OpenICDL with link to the project.
  • Authors:University of the Western Cape/James Kariuki, Juliet Stoltenkamp, Carolynne Kies, Tasneem Davids, Tembalani Ngenelwa, Faghd Khan, Norina Finger
  • Based on Open Office Version 2.0
  • Created under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license