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OERu Technology Working Group Meeting Video
  • 11:00PM UTC
    (Click for your local time) Also, apologies, this was previously (incorrectly) listed as 11:30PM UTC.
  • Zoom video conference link (Note meeting link changed as we couldn't record on the previous session!)


Updates on MVP Delivery Platform

Also, a new Resource for partners - our Tech Blog - we plan to put how-tos, technology previews, and other good stuff here.


  • How these existing resources can be used
  • How they can be adopted by OERu partners
  • Future Direction


  • Brian: wondered about the value our partners can get from being able to implement some of these open technologies. How do we encourage our partners to "dip their toes" further into the open source tool water.
  • Dave: talked about the cost savings our partners can achieve by adopting these tools... and with the further advantages that a) partners can incorporate these tools into their own infrastructure, including customisations as required, and b) the institution is not compromising learner freedom (by forcing them to use proprietary tools and create proprietary artefacts in order to complete their course requirements)
  • Wayne: open boundary course opportunities - accessibility of our tools is a great enabler... it means that previously institutionally bounded systems (like most institutional LMSs) can be open and visible to external learners. Those learners can make good on the promise of participating in an international multi-cultural learning experience. This is a huge point of difference for the OERu and its partners...
  • Wayne: noted the innovation of OERu Partner Athabasca University's developer, Dan Wilton, which he created for his own convenience, but which might have profound value to the network: namely a means for automatically/progammatically converting a WikiEducator course into a static (no web access required) HTML archive that can be viewed locally in a browser. We should invite Dan to write a guest Tech Blog post about it.


To be updated during the session...


  • Brian Lamb
  • Wayne Mackintosh
  • Dave Lane