OERu/Planning/Technology working group/2015-10-28

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  1. Minimum viable product for OERu 1st year of study. (Targeting launch of package of 10 courses for September 2016. Content to be developed in WikiEducator and hosted by OERF, preferably as static website.) Course related technology considerations:
    • Single signon for OERF hosted services (eg WENotes posts, Discourse etc.)
    • Course feed solution?
    • Optional course registration for sending email instructions and user actioned de-registration.
    • Blog feed registration
    • Replacement of Google + for course discussions (suggest Discourse).
    • Course "export" options, suggest we provide for (Moodle, Static Website, WordPress and Blackboard).
  2. Communicating pathways of study on OERu website
    • Courses
    • Institutions who provide summative assessment services
    • Institutions where transcript credit can be transferred
    • Awards where credit can be applied.
  3. NewSplash theme: [oeru_extended_footer]

Action items

  1. Wayne to develop pedagogical specification to inform technology requirements for OERu 2016 MVP
  2. Wayne to develop specification and practical example of communicating courses, assessment options and awards.
  3. Dave to explore authentication and sign on options for OERu learners
  4. Wayne to liaise with Jim regarding snapshot for [oeru_extended_footer]