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Aims of the activity (longer term)

To develop a financially sustainable and scalable system for Academic Volunteers international (AVI)


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  • To nurture the devlopment of a the critical mass of volunteers for needed self-orgasnisation and scalable growth
  • To Select, modify or adapt an appropriate OSS system(s) for social networking, microblogging, FAQs etc.
  • To remix and develop OERs as resource for capacity building of volunteers
  • Develop online training opportunities for volunteers using WikiEducator's Learning4Content model.

Narrative description of what the AVI design activity will do

The activity of designing "Academic Volunteers International" is to develop a sustainable and scalable community ecosytem for proving a pyramid of volunteer support starting from:

  • Frequently asked questions (the 80% of questions which typically are asked during each iteration of a course) and corresponding solutions to help OERu learners find the answers they are looking for;
  • Scalable systems of peer-to-peer learner support which focuses on the design of courses and solutions for OERu learners to connect with each other.
  • AVI facilitation which could include both generic learning support as well as content specific expertise.
  • "Guru" AV's who through have achieved the highest levels of status within the AVI community and are the experts for resolving the remaining 20% of issues which are not addressed through the lower levels in the pyramid.

The AVI design activity will also:

  • Develop strategies for recruiting initial volunteers for the OERu 2012 prototype courses.
  • Design solutions for recruitment, how a self-selection model could operate and corresponding capacity building for digital literacies and e-moderation.
  • Develop guidelines for the design of OERu courses to promote effective integration of the AVI subsystem within the learning experience.
  • Commence work on infrastructure and technology support by developing usecase scenarios to assist with selecting open source software solutions and existing Internet infrastructure to support the AVI subsystem.
  • Prepare the inputs and documentation necessary for prospective funding proposals to assist with addressing strategic gaps for operationalising the AVI
  • Trial and early version of the AVI model/system in parallel with the OERu 2012 protoype(s) to assist with generating data for further design and refinement of the system.


Existing inputs

Required inputs

  • Staff and volunteer time for design and development of the model
  • Funding for strategic development of support technologies


  • Openki - platform to match volunteers with OERu courses?


Sub-activity Outputs Key performance indicators
SCoPE AVI planning seminar
  • Proposals from OERu 2011.11 meeting for AVI reviewed by the open community
  • Key themes for designing AVI identified and discussed by open community
  • Proposals for the design of AVI considered by open community
  • Structure for framework proposal document proposed by open community
  • Rough consensus of key themes, proposals and structure for AVI framework proposal achieved.
User stories for AVI system design
  • User roles for the AVI system identified by the open community
  • User stories for AVI posted on WikiEducator by open community.
AST1000 prototype for design of AVI
  • Brainstorm ideas for AVI worth testing during the AST1000 prototype
  • Define outputs for the AST1000 AVI prototype activity
  • Implement and evaluate activities for AVI during the AST1000 prototype
  • Document lessons learned from the AST1000 prototype to inform the future design and organisation of AVI