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Key points
  • MVP Group: Product
  • Objective: Finalise courses for MVP 1st year of study
  • MVP code: Product O1


  1. Programme specification document for the OERu 1st year of study to guide nomination of courses leading to exit awards
  2. Project plan to guide completion of MVP for delivery

Criteria for success

  1. 15 1st year courses planned for completion and available for delivery leading to an exit award by end of 2016.
  2. Published short list of courses needed for the 1st year of the OERu programme of study.

Task 1: Complete program specification document for the OERu 1st year of study

The purpose of the programme program specification document is to

  • design a coherent general education study programme for the 1st year of study to guide nominations for courses
  • clarify gaps between courses currently under development and missing subjects for the 1st year of study
  • streamline solutions for maximising transfer credit taking different course sizes across international boundaries into account.
  1. Complete first draft of the programme specification document - CPSQWG
  2. Consult with OERu partners offering exit awards for the MVP 1st year of study to confirm "pathways of least resistance" to achieving the objectives.
  3. Invite open feedback from the OERu partner network on programme specification document
  4. Identify gaps where courses are needed and publish these within the OERu network with a focused call for nominations - CPSQWG
  5. Determine the quantum of available funds to outsource the assembly of courses for the OERu platform to fill identified gaps - OERF
  6. Determine criteria for short listing courses for outsourcing the assembly of these courses from surplus OERu funds - All

Task 2: Audit existing OER courses suitable for assembly for MVP

The purpose this task is to identify existing OERu courses from Saylor, Lumen, BCcampus open texts etc that would be suitable for conversion to fill gaps in the MVP programme of study

  1. Determine criteria for reviewing and generating a short list of prospective courses for the OERu MVP 1st year of study
  2. Establish team to conduct audit of existing OER courses for possible inclusion in MVP for the 1st year of study
  3. Determine which courses are strong candidates for credit award at one or more OERu partners
  4. Extend call to partners who could provide assessment services for these courses
  5. Extend call to partners for volunteers to assemble the short list of possible courses for assessment

Task 3: Scope actions required to finalise courses near completion for MVP platform

  1. Contact focal point for each of the following courses to scope what is required to complete courses for MVP:
    1. Scope actions to finalise Art Appreciation and Techniques
    2. Scope actions to finalise Critical Reasoning
    3. Scope actions to finalise Sustainability course
    4. Scope actions to finalise Introduction to Indigenous Australia
  2. Review technology solutions to automate conversion for the OERu platform.
  3. Confirm state of requirements, processes and recommended pricing for assessment services at conferring institutions.

Task 4: Determine target dates for completion of existing courses for delivery on MVP platform

  1. Develop project plan for preparing each course for delivery on the OERu platform.
  2. Agree target dates for completion of these courses for MVP.

Task 5: Finalise project plan for MVP