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Key points

OERu “Free First Year” Project: MVP Implementation Update (24 February 2017)

At the 4th meeting of OERu partners hosted by North-West University in October 2015, it was agreed to give priority to the implementation of the OERu Minimum Viable Product (MVP) initiative, during 2016. This is a periodic update of progress to date.

Nominated 1st year exit awards

MVP Courses

OERu needs 10 courses for MVP and our 2016 strategic planning KPIs are targeting 15 courses so as to include a few electives.

Current status of confirmed courses

  • 20 confirmed courses
    • 30 OERu micro-courses needed for the Certificate of Higher Education (Business studies) - 34 scheduled for completion by 2017.
    • 30 OERu micro-courses needed for the Certificate of General Studies - 34 scheduled for completion by end of 2016 (More course options will be available pending approval of credit transfer of the business courses towards the Certificate of General Studies.)

Course specification documents and development status

  • 71 Micro courses identified for OERu 1st year of study. (Equivalent of 24 North American e-credit courses)
  • 53 micro-courses available for delivery on launch of OERu 1st year of study. 18 micro-courses targeted for completion during 2017.

Skills courses


Note - This table is extracted from the master course table

Arts courses


Note - This table is extracted from the master course table

Business courses


Note - This table is extracted from the master course table

Capacity development

  1. Complete support tutorials for OERu learners: 15 March 2016

Credit transfer and course articulation

  1. Complete documentation, processes and approvals for OERu courses for the Certificate in General Studies, TRU. 28 February 2017
  2. Complete documentation, processes and validation for the CertHE Business, UHI 28 February 2017.

MVP technology platform

  1. Finalise MVP pedagogical specifications for technology platform: 31 March 2016
  2. Implement single sign-in solution for learners: Ongoing
  3. Launch Mautic campaign for partner recruitment: 31 August 2016.
  4. Design solutions for oeru.org site to communicate courses, assessment services, award options and prices: 30 September 2016
  5. Implement MVP analytics project: Project development commenced on 1 August 2016 targeting completion by year end.

Marketing and promotion

  1. Complete the Marketing, communications and fund development project - 30 June 2016
  2. Complete MarCom guidelines for OERu partners - 31 July 2016
  3. Complete OERu promotional videos:
  4. Complete OERu plan for marketing to prospective learners - 30 November 2016
  5. Update OERu.org site for MVP (including solutions to communicate available MVP courses, prices, assessment services and award options) - 31 December 2016

Planning the launch of the OERu 1st year of study

  1. Agree agenda items for the 5th international meeting of OERu partners for planning the launch of the 1st year of study: - 9 September 2016