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Key points
  • MVP Group: Planning
  • Objective: Constitute and operationalise the MVP task force
  • MVP code: Planning O2


  1. Publish agreed modus operandi for MVP task force
  2. Assign sub-tasks for First quarter of the project plan to appropriate resource people.

Criteria for success

Task 1: Identify initial volunteers and the skills they bring

  1. Identify key members from working groups who should be represented on the MVP and send personal invitations
  2. Consult with these stakeholders to identify skills gaps needed for the MVPTF
  3. Establish MVP task force page (based on structure of the Working group landing pages.)

Task 2: Determine modus operandi for task force

  1. Set up web conferencing solution for hosting MVPTF meetings - Wayne & Dave. In progress.
  2. Commence drafting of modus operandi document for MVPTF including - Wayne & Dave:
    • Frequency of meetings (taking time zones into account)
    • Information and guidelines on how to engage
    • Technology solutions (eg chat, forums, tools for estimating resource allocation etc.)
    • Relationships with working group structures
    • Define ideal composition of the task force
    • Agree criteria for success for the task force.

Task 3: Review MVP tasks for 1st quarter

  1. Review lessons learned from the 1st quarter to inform planning approach for the remainder of the year

Task 4: Plan and review tasks for 2nd quarter

  1. Review time estimates for each task - All
  2. Review task hierarchy, with dependencies - All
  3. Determine skill/person allocation and allocate resource - All
  4. Invite others to join task force based on capability requirements - All