University of the Highlands and Islands 2015 IAP

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Contact information

Name of OERu partner University of the Highlands and Islands
Contact person for this IAP Andy Brown
eMail for IAP contact person
Name of primary OERu contact Andy Brown
eMail of primary OERu contact

Executive Summary

UHI will be developing two modules. Two staff will participate on working groups. All staff will be encouraged to participate on working groups.

2015 Objectives

  • Course completion
  • Awareness raising
  • Networking
  • Promoting accessibility

2015 FTE contribution for OERu course nominations

Name of staff member or Department Name of existing and new course development nominations Total FTE days
Andy Brown Geography of tourism and sustainability 22
Andy Brown Atmosphere, weather and climate 22

Participation in OERu working groups

Name of staff member email address Assigned OERu working group(s) Total FTE days
Gary Campbell Strategic planning working group 3 - 5
Andy Brown Course approval and quality 6
Euan Black Curriculum and programme of study

Marketing and communications

Frank Rennie Curriculum and programme of study TBD
John Maher Technology TBD
Rhiannon Tinsley Standing committee for credit transfer TBD

Participation in the OERu community source initiative

  • 0.2 FTE contribution to shared OERu Open Source Technologist Position