Thomas Edison State College 2015 IAP

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Contact information

Name of OERu partner Thomas Edison State College
Contact person for this IAP Steve Phillips
eMail for IAP contact person
Name of primary OERu contact Marc Singer
eMail of primary OERu contact

Executive Summary

Over the past year, Thomas Edison State College has made great strides in combining open courseware with prior learning assessments to provide our students with unique, low-cost pathways to credit. As such, we have decided that our institutional focus in 2015, with respect to OERu, will be to bring that experience to bear by developing new credit-bearing assessments that aligned with both developed and new open courses.

2015 Objectives

  • Assessments for Open Courses
  • Developing the PLAR committee
  • Assisting in the development of quality standards for OERu course submissions

2015 FTE contribution for OERu course nominations

Name of staff member or Department Name of existing and new course development nominations Total FTE days
Steve Phillips PLA-100 Introduction to Prior Learning Assessment 10
Steve Phillips PLA-200 Introduction to Portfolio Assessment 20
Steve Phillips, Emily Carone, Elizabeth Gehrig Credit-By-Exam options, TBD

Participation in OERu working groups

Name of staff member email address Assigned OERu working group(s) Total FTE days
Marc Singer PLAR 3-5
Steve Phillips Course Approval and Quality 3-5