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Key points
  1. This page lists open business model canvases submitted by OERu partners.
  2. Check the list of OERu open business models below to avoid submitting duplicates.
  3. Consult the Open business model canvas with questions.
  4. Submit new business model canvasses for OERu institutions by consulting the instructions below

List of OERu open business models

(This list is updated automatically if users submit using the create new business model instructions below.

Instructions to create a new OERu open business model canvas

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Create a new OERu business model canvas

This is an automated process which will create a new wiki page and pre-populate a business model canvas with boiler plate text you can edit. The process to replace the guiding questions shown in italics with your own business model ideas after creating your own canvas. It is important that you use a unique page name (in other words one which is not listed above.)

  1. Enter an unused organisation name in the text field below after consulting the list above.
    • Use unique names for individual submissions, for example University of Southern Queensland - by Jane Doe
    • If this is a new organisation submission, enter the name of the organisation, for example Otago Polytechnic
  2. Click on the "Create open business model canvas" button.
  3. Scroll down and click on the "Save page" button.