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General Information


Welcome to Moodle blended online learning (BOL) workshop for anyone wishing to create a Moodle course and teach or present information using discussion forums, activities and assignments for the participants. The workshop is suitable for both the private and public sectors.

Moodle Website

Integrating Technology: Exploring New Domains website will be available for the participants to access and practice their Moodle skills. Please register and join the Moodle course.

Password Protected

The Moodle workshop is password protected so please send an email to to get the enrollment key.


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By the end of the workshop participants will be able:
  • to create and manage a course on Moodle


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WE encourage our participants to meet the following requirements:

Table of Contents

Week Dates Objectives. By the end of the week learners will:
1. Getting started Sept, 7 to Sept, 13
  • Learn about relevance of Moodle as a technology tool for instruction and learning
  • Create a Moodle account
  • Recognize main areas of a Moodle platform from any Moodle layout
2. Creating a course Sept, 14 to Sept, 20
3. Adding Resources Sept, 21 to Sept, 27
4. Adding Activities Sept, 28 to Oct, 4
5. Managing a course Oct, 5 to Oct, 11


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