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Cultivating a community of practice and collaboratively developing OER content

The mission and vision of WikiEducator Mexico

Mission:: To freely facilitate personal learning, professional development, and student achievement in Mexico by networking with other educators and students both domestically and abroad in an effort to develop open educational resources (OERs) both in Spanish and English.

Vision: To develop a learning network that assists educators and students in Mexico to develop, implement, and reflect on OERs (i.e., curriculum, assessment, and instruction) across all educational disciplines (i.e., math, science, history, fine arts etc.).

Community values

Recognizing that establishing values is an individual pursuit, the following values best apply when cultivating a community of practice by collaboratively contributing to creative content (if a value is left out, feel free to add it): cooperation, freedom, growth, respect, responsibility, and tolerance.

Meet the WEMEX team

WikiEducators in Mexico integrate the WEMEX team. We kindly invite you to meet us. Please click here

Join us today! Create an account and add yourself to the WEMEX list in order to begin contributing to a new or established project or content document based on what interests you most. Take pride in knowing that everyone started out not knowing much about Wikieducator and that there are workshops available should you need it. Also, the Wikieducator discussion group is designed to help you network with others by providing an excellent source for addressing your questions.

Current WEMEX OER Projects

Helpful Mexico Links & Resources

Here you will find an ever growing listing of relevant links & resources for learning about educational and cultural life in Mexico. Includes sections on international instances, goverment, educational institutions (i.e. universities, schools, education centres), tourism & culture, networking and free culture movement.

Teaching, Learning and Collaborating with...

News & Events

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Now available: Directrices_para_Recursos_Educacionales_Abiertos_en_la_Educacion_Superior/Inicio

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September 28-30, 2011. RECALE, Pachuca, Hgo. Mexico

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May 4,2009. WikiEducator Mexico (WEMEX), the Mexico Country Team has been formally launched, starting with four WikiEducators: Jorge Vidals, Gladys Gahona, Benjamin Stewart and Ricardo Valenzuela.

Upcoming Wiki Skills Workshops - Join Today!

August 9-18, 2010
Ten-day workshop (5 days face-to-face, five days distance) at the Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes located in Mexico, Benjamin Stewart facilitator.

Contact us!

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