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The red team and the blue team.

Image courtesy of 4MAX


The country page is a national node for WikiEducator related activities in a given country. The country page is a place:

  • to list and coordinate national WikiEducator initiatives;
  • to foster and promote local identity within a global community;
  • for local WikiEducators to meet and identify themselves;
  • for national sub-teams to convene within a given country;


  • There are no prescribed procedures or regulations for organising country or community nodes;
  • There is no limit to the number of national, regional or local community WikiEducator teams that may constitute themselves - as a wiki community we encourage diversity and respect the interests of different groups. National teams and sub-teams may congregate around a wide range of shared objectives by sector, level, interest group etc. Ideally, each national sub-team should link to the relevant page for their country;

Achieving Sustainable Growth

  • We encourage each country or community to develop their own structures and procedures to promote sustainable growth of the WikiEducator community in their respective country;

Maintaining & Promoting Your Pages

  • We recommend that national volunteers identify and assign specific roles for maintaining and promoting your country or community pages, for example:
    • A national convenor for setting up an maintaining your country or community page on a regular basis;
    • National / community WikiEducator Ambassadors;
    • A national / community reporter for keeping national news up to date on your country or communty page;
    • A technical advisor to assist innovative wiki page layouts for your national, regional, local or community page;
    • Other roles as required
    • National cultural allegiance to Global Citizenship. see Dr. Ramakrishnan's User Page, India