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Day 4 - Monday May 31, 2010

[eL4C38] Day 4

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Objectives: Day 4 - Formating text in the wiki

Today we will:

  • Introduce wiki text (syntax);
  • Learn how to Bold and Italicise text, add Headings and Subheadings;
  • Learn how to add bullets and lists.
  • Complete the skills required for your first level certification under our WikiMaster typology

Hi everyone!

We are very pleased with the work you are doing on your user pages, the Wiki Discussion pages – great information sharing. These content sharing pages are a place to connect with participants worldwide and learn about common interests and concerns – leading to possible collaboration. We hope that most of you have succeeded in adding content to your User page. It's not too difficult. This may be the first time you have published on the Web, so celebrate your achievement! Yes, that's right, all your edits can be viewed by anyone with an Internet connection.

Please let us know if you had any difficulties by posting your questions to Wiki Questions & Support page. We'll do our best to help out. We also appreciate all your valuable comments on the feedback page, it will help us to improve quality of upcoming workshops.

Today we will move onto the basics of wiki editing, that is formatting text. We are also interested in hearing your thoughts and ideas on the content resource you are planning to develop under your learning contract. This will be our discussion activity for today.

The idea is that you will use your new editing skills to develop your user page in WikiEducator. By the end of this week, you should have a pretty impressive User page for other WikiEducators to get to know you a little better. You will also have your own practice area (your sandbox) for the purpose of trying out your skills.


1. If you haven't already done so, please download a copy of our cheatsheet (pdf 725KB) and keep this close at hand when working on the wiki.
2. Basic Text Formatting. Work through Tutorial 4. Most of you found your User pages pre-filled with several templates, headings and a link to a subpage titled "My sandbox", a sandbox is a place for playing around, a place for practicing your new wiki skills, so don't be afraid of writing wrong codes in your sandbox... only one thing would happen... you will learn from your mistakes :-). If you like you can download and print out a copy of the instructions to set up a sandbox. Some users find it easier to work from a printed set of instructions.
3. Tell us about the content resource you are planning to develop under your learning contract by adding to Wiki Discussions page My Learning Contract Project. Looking forward to sharing ideas for content development!

Keep adding to WikiDiscussion pages and please post replies to your peers. These pages are designed to host your thoughts, comments, and feedback regarding the specific topics. These provide dual benefits for you; sharing knowledge and practicing wiki skills! :-)

Remember the following tip when on editing mode: take a look at the codes others are using for formatting text and images, try to replicate the codes in your editing. This suggestion applies to any WikiEducator page.

As you start adding content to WikiEducator, you will notice that when you get stuck, the facilitators and other members of WikiEducator will be there to help. That's the wiki way!

Have fun!

Gladys Gahona
WikiEducator Page

skype: chela5808

Nellie Deutsch

WikiEducator Page


skype: nelliedeutschmuller

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