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Process & Timeline

  • leading up to pan-Africa event in April, 2008 (Ivory Coast)
  • process development, engagement....leading up to a possible F2F workshop


  • identification of leaders, team, etc.
  • strategy, planning


  • implement plan
  • engagement
  • outreach


  • online discussions
  • invitations and welcome
  • customised wiki skills training


  • F2F workshop (Ivory Coast, April 27-30)
    • LearnShare HIV AIDS Africa has one day, pre-AMARC workshop, and one day, on Day 3 AMARC workshop
    • development of workshop process
    • obtain some level of commitment to outputs and outcomes
  • reporting
  • next steps - lead into next activities

May 2009 till July 2010

  • development of learning programmes
  • airing, feedback
  • building Community of Practice, sharing within group, and Community Media
  • Quality Assurance
  • Outcome Mapping Process (facilitate in Google Group, then put on the wiki)