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LearnShare HIVAIDS Africa: Sharing Learning Resources and Wisdom for Treatment Literacy


LearnShare HIV/AIDS Africa is an initiative that aims, long-term, to facilitate more and better learning programmes about HIV/AIDS, especially treatment literacy, on local and community media. Community media, like radio, are unique, trusted and culturally appropriate vehicles to reach people where they live, often in remote and resource-poor areas; their major challenge is to develop capacity for improved programming in a sustainable way.

Key LearnShare approaches include a close engagement among media, HIV/AIDS and education groups as well as a simple, low-cost approach to educational programming. LearnShare's key tools are

  • This space on the wiki
  • An email-based discussion list among a voluntary peer group
  • Face-to-face meetings and workshops
  • Online learning activities

An important face-to-face event is taking place at the Pan African Community Radio Conference in Abidjan in April 2009, to be preceded and followed by active work online and in-country programme development workshops.

Preparation and planning for AMARC Ivory Coast Workshop, April 26-30, 2009

The workshop, part of the AMARC Pan African Community Radio conference, is a major milestone for the LearnShare process.