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Tentative List of Participants

Questions for Participants

We encourage all LearnShare participants to actively share experiences, ideas and reflections about the role of community radio and health groups in developing learning programmes about HIV/AIDS.

All participants to the workshop event in Ivory Coast will be answering the following questions, which will be posted to their User Page and form a basis for discussion and developing innovative approaches to educational programme development:

  1. Please briefly explain your motivation for attending this workshop
  2. Briefly summarize your current projects/work in community media
    1. What is your main area of work?
    2. Are there any health programmes currently taking place, or being planned, at your radio station?
  3. Please share some reflections about
    1. How learners are consulted in programme development, and
    2. How local "experts" are involved in the planning and production of programming
  4. What are the challenges that you currently face that undermine effectiveness and efficiency of your programme and or that hamper developing effective HIV/AIDS programmes? (i.e what knowledge skills are you looking for)
  5. Please describe how participation in workshop would benefit your work

Participation in the workshop

Strategic Partners

  • AMARC, Canada
  • Commonwealth of Learning, Canada
  • International AIDS Society, Switzerland
  • ECONEWS Africa, Kenya

Possible Roles

  • Channel of Distribution / Local cultural knowledge
  • Scientific Knowledge / Global knowledge (Gurmit and HIV community partners)
  • Facilitation, coaching, supporting, networking (Ian, Randy)
  • Other
Name Organization Country Motivation
Njuki Githethwa EcoNews Africa Kenya How HIV AIDS programming can improve on-the-ground via Community Media; how use of wiki can amplify the HIV AIDS Treatment literacy campaign by community activists; how Treatment Literacy can have an impact in communities over time.
Gurmit Singh International AIDS Society Switzerland To strengthen skills in building communities of practice and social networks; to bridge the gap between HIV AIDS experts and community media practitioners; to effect change

Regions Represented

  • East Africa
  • West Africa
  • Southern Arica

Regional Partners

  • National Community Radio Forum (NCRF), South Africa
  • National focal Points in Tanzania
  • National focal points in Keny

Participation framework

  • MAX 25-30 participants
    • 8-10, chosen by Commonwealth of Learning
    • 8-10, chosen by AMARC
    • Observers, invited guests
  • 2-4 people from HIV Communities to:
    • Build awareness of HIV AIDS Treatment Literacty
    • Importance of tackling stigma to scale-up access
    • Sharing resources and experiences - TAC, SAfAIDS, RIP+


  • Broadcasting in geographic areas where AIDS is a issue and HIV infection rates are high
  • Committed to health programming; open to new approaches to “educational” programming; willing to start new or improve existing health-HIV/AIDS programmes through the LearnShare process
  • Open to collaborative approaches, especially working with AIDS counterparts, in developing and running learning programmes
  • Interested to participate in an ongoing process of programme development about HIV/AIDS: online, in person and through other forms of networking and exchange (phone, email, content sharing, etc.)
  • Interested and available to participate in the Ivory Coast workshop and conference
  • Track record for follow-through
  • Committed to generally accepted principles and practices of community media (representation, participation, etc.)

HIV/AIDS groups

  • interested and willing to work in a collaborative process with community media groups
  • track record of follow-through

Participation (levels)

  • Community Radio - doing this type of programming for HIV AIDS
    • station manager (can provide commitment)
    • program manager (responsible for community, relationships)
    • producer (develops and runs programmes)
  • Community Media - various campaigns which lead to powerful experiences (i.e., wheelbarrow radios / women hawkers)
  • Other Media - doing a lot of educational programming - people to collaborate with
  • Network(s), and Building a Network - to pursue ideas further
  • HIV/AIDS groups