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FLOSS4Edu Capacity Building Initiatives and Training Workshops

One of the Key Strategic actions of the FLOSS4Edu Initiative is to build capacity in the development of Open Educational Resources and the use of WikiEducator as a platform for OER content publishing and collaboration. As a result the FLOSS4Edu has been involved in various capacity building initiatives. This initiatives are undertaken in the various regional chapters and are based on the Learn4Content philosophy where Educational Practioners are engaged in Content Production in exchange of access and a commitment to train more people after being trained. Plans are underway to develop comprehensive certifications and content release licenses which shall be shared to the FLOSS4Edu Community.

As part of the WikiEducator and FLOSS4Edu Initiative, a Workshop Toolkit for Holding Open Education Resources (OER) Workshops has been developed as an OER for anyone to use in the facilitation of WikiEducator OER workshops. This means that each member of the FLOSS4Edu community has the capability to facilitate a capacity building workshop. Interesting discussions are going on within the WikiEducator community on a certification process. You can contribute your opinions on the Brainstorming roles and functions of a FLOSS4Edu Chapter of this portal. You can also read more about the various capacity building initiatives from the various regional chapters below: