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Five delegates, representing four (4) French Speaking African countries (i.e Benin, Cameroon, Core d'Ivoire and Mauritius), attending the third West African OER Content Development for Livelihoods workshop for West Africa experts in the Commonwealth and La Francophonie held on the 13th -17th of August, 2007 at the Winneba Open Digital Village, met to discuss the formation of a FLOSS4Edu Chapter for the french speaking countries in Africa. They agreed to have Jibril Touzi to act as an interim co-ordinator for the chapter in preparation for the formal organization of the chapter and of FLOSS4Edu as whole and as they recruit more members from other institutions and organizations that would be interested in joining the FLOSS4Edu French Chapter.

Following the meeting the members agreed to:

  1. Carry out profiling activities to identify relevant partners within the institutions of higher learning and NGO's who would be interested in participating in the [[FLOSS4Edu project by the end of September, 2007 and to plan to organise an initial workshop before the end of the year
  2. Upon profiling activities, carry out fund-raising initiatives to organize a three(3) day capacity building workshop for the french speaking countries
  3. Take advantage of existing arrangements within their organisations for the Software Freedom Day to highlight and promote the FLOSS4Edu project.
  4. To complete the translation work going on in the Wiki Newbie Tutorials and begin translation for the Workshop Toolkit for Holding Open Education Resources (OER) Workshops