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Get Involved!

Some tips on how to become an active member of CCCOER

1. Become a member

 + Join now through the old membership structure - No dues!!! (Institutions only)   Click here

 + Look at the new membership structure as described in the new Bylaws (Everyone can join)

2. Find out about what the Steering Committee has done to reinvent the Consortium

 + See some slides on the new Consortium structure

 + Take a look at the Committees

 + Read the new Bylaws

3. Cruise the wiki and website. Here are some highlights

 + The Navigation Bar Explained

 + Web Site, the Wiki and the Ning: A Tale of Three Communication Technologies

4. Contact another member. Here are some members who have agreed to share their views about the Consortium with you.

 + Liza Loop, Executive Director: lizaloop at gmail dot com

  • Randy Fisher, Project Manager - Member Growth / Community-Building, wikirandy at gmail dot com

 + Other active CCCOER members: Please add your name here by editing this page

5. Join a committee or working group.