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October 25 Meeting

How to Join the Meeting

Phone (888) 886-3951 (888) 886-395 Pin 784838 Find the CCCOER Steering Meeting that starts at 12:00PM (Pacific)

Click on GO at the end of the row. Enter your information. Type 784838 on the last line. There will be a Java download that takes 5-10 minutes.

Committee Assignments continued from Oct 18

There was one error in committee assignments and there are suggested substitutions.

Planning the Paid Staff - Leftover from Oct 18

This agenda item suggested by Jacky.
We have talked a lot about the volunteers but not much about the future paid staff. It is time to start thinking about this.

Currently we have the following hours allocated to CCCOER
Jacky: 16 hours/month ending when the new structure is adopted
Monica: 40 hours/month ending when the new structure is adopted
Randy: 40 hours/month ending December 31
Sharyn: 20 hours/month in November; 60 hours/month December-February
Others (Mitchell, Micheline, Una, Judy): a total of about 24 hours/month
That's a total of about 160 hours/month or one Full-Time-Equivalent.

CCCOER Funding

  • Percentage of project revenues devoted to CCCOER admin, etc.
  • what amount 5% or more?
  • Given that memberships take awhile.

Survey Process, Responses & Results

  • Geoff says that he's only getting a 12-15% response rate - and needs ideas and people to phone folks, to increase response / completion;, and in prep. for the December 9 quarterly meeting brainstorm
  • a prior meeting with Cable / Geoff and Randy - to present ideas to the GB

What can CCCOER do for WikiEducator / OER Foundation? - Leftover from October 18

Backgrounder - CCCOER & WikiEducator relationship