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Agenda for Oct 18, 2010

How to Join the Meeting

Phone (888) 886-3951 Pin 784838 Find the CCCOER Steering Meeting that starts at 12:00PM (Pacific), not the one that starts at 11:30 Click on GO at the end of the row. Enter your information. Type 784838 on the last line. There will be a Java download that takes 5-10 minutes.

Structure of Standing Committees - Most important and possibly only topic

A continuation of the topic started in last week's meeting.

Co-Chairing Standing Committees

  • Broad consensus emerging (for co-chairing committees) - See Google Discussion Threads
  1. - Original Thread
  2. - Jacky's response
  • Tom and Jo (as of October 11 GB meeting) - change to proposed structure by Liza - to co-chair Standards Committee

What can CCCOER do for WikiEducator / OER Foundation?

Open Ed 2010 - Barcelona (Nov. 2-4)

Tom, Jacky, Randy

Interim Program Chair

Jacky nominated Liza for this role. Is there a second? Are there other nominations?

Planning the Paid Staff

This agenda item suggested by Jacky.
We have talked a lot about the volunteers but not much about the future paid staff. It is time to start thinking about this.

Currently we have the following paid staff with the indicated hours allocated to CCCOER
Jacky: 16 hours/month ending when the new structure is adopted
Monica: 40 hours/month ending when the new structure is adopted
Randy: 40 hours/month ending December 31
Sharyn: 20 hours/month in October; 60 hours/month November-February
Others (Mitchell, Micheline, Una, Judy): a total of about 24 hours/month
That's a total of about 160 hours/month or one Full-Time-Equivalent.

The 'new' CCCOER is much more complex with multiple types of members, dues, and a complex committee structure. More than 160 hours/month will be required. I suggest hiring two people, an Executive Director at 3/4 time and another person (Associate Director?) at 1/2 time. Having two people allows for vacations, illness, and travel. As funds increase, these people could become full-time and other staff added.