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Chemistry Department of Acharya Narendra Dev College is one of the finest Departments of Chemistry amongst Delhi University Colleges. Equipped with the best faculty and the modern instruments , the Department has recently undergone a face lift. andcollege. The Chemistry Department of Acharya Narendra Dev College has 13 + 4 Faculty members. Thirteen members are permanent faculty and rest are on ad hoc basis. The department has seven non-teaching staff members. There are four labs in the Department. Each lab.has been assigned to two laboratory staff. There is one research lab. also.

Members of Chemistry Department

The following are the permanent faculty of the Department

  1. Dr.Sunita Hooda
  2. Dr. Seema Gupta
  3. Dr. Pooja Bhagat
  4. Dr. Shallu Sachdeva
  5. Dr. Rashmi Thukral
  6. Dr. Neeti Misra
  7. Dr. Manisha Jain
  8. Dr. Neelu Dheer( Teacher-in Charge)
  9. Dr. Vandana Uberoi
  10. Dr. Geetu Gambhir
  11. Dr. Dinesh Kumar Arya
  12. Dr.Vikrant Kumar Atri
  13. Dr. Pankaj Khanna

The faculty on adhoc basis are

  1. Dr Pragati Mallik
  2. Dr Kavita

All the members of the department are actively involved in various academic activities. Three of the members, Dr.Sunitahooda, Dr. Neeti Misra and Dr. Manisha Jain are Wikibuddies.

Courses taught in the Department

Chemistry papers are a part of curriculum in all the science courses taught in the college. So students from all the courses are taught chemistry in the department. The main course taught by the Department is B.Sc.(H)Chemistry. Besides this, students of B.Sc. (Honors) Physics study chemistry in first year and third year. Students of Botany, Zoology and Mathematics (Honors) study chemistry in first and second semester. Students of B.Sc.Programme in Physical Science and Life Science also study chemistry in all the three years.

With the introduction of semester system, the courses have been revised.

Chemistry Laboratories


  • Recently renovated
  • Fully equipped with modern equipments


  • recently renovated
  • Fully equipped with all modern equipments

Physical lab

  • recently renovated
  • Fully equipped with all modern equipments

Two new labs have been constructed and are fully functional.

Research Labs

Many teachers are involved in research projects out of these some have their own research labs. These labs provide space to the students as well to do research work.

Working in Chemistry Laboratories

a) How to make Chemistry lab an efficient place of learning while working

Provides informations and interesting reading on working in Chemistry laboratories

b) Preparation of lab reagents

Gives details of the preparation of different reagents used in chemistry laboratories.

c) Preparation of Tetraamminecopper(II)sulphate monohydrate

Tour of the Department

Chemistry Assignments

  1. For detailed assignments based on various topics in the field of chemistry pl click here
  1. B.Sc. Chemistry(Hons.)
  2. B.Sc. Programme