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About Myself

I am Dr. Sunita Hooda[1], Ex Vice Principal of Acharya Narendra Dev College, an Undergraduate college of the University of Delhi. I am teaching physical chemistry from last 18 years in the college.I did B.Sc.(Hons) in chemistry and M.Sc. in physical chemistry from Hindu College, University of Delhi. I did my M.Tech in Modern methods of chemical analysis and control Department of Chemistry, from Indian Insttiute of Technology, Delhi. I did my Ph.D. in NMR and Mossbauer Studies of Vinyl Copolymers with Professor A. S. Brar, from Indian Insttiute of Technology, Delhi. Prof. A.S. Brar at presently is Vice Chanceller of Lucknow University.I am the senior most teacher of the college. Our principal is Dr. Savithri_Singh and Ms. Veena Saini is our Librarian. Ms.Veena Saini has set up the library in a innovative way. Dr. Manisha Jain and Dr.Neeti Misra are also wikieducator from Chemistry department.We three teachers of ANDChemistry are wikipedia facilitator. Dr.Sarita Kumar was one of the co-ordinator of Wikied 08. Dr. Geetu Gambhir and Dr. Seema Gupta have also attended the Wikied 09.

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Employer:Acharya Narendra Dev College, University of Delhi
Occupation:Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry
Nationality:Indian Flag of India.svg
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I enjoy reading books of various types. I love listening music and watching TV in my free time. I am in usual habit of writing e.g. research articles, update of my lectures and revision of my books.

Award and fellowships

I am recipient of Science Meritorious Award by University of Delhi, 1983 and National Scholarship in M.Sc. by University of Delhi (1985-1987). Institute Fellowship was awarded to me by IIT, Delhi from July 1987 to Dec. 1988. Senior Research Fellowship was also awarded by IIT, Delhi from Jan. 1989 to Sept. 1992. I have Cleared Graduate Aptitude Training Examination with 92 percentile, 1987. I have Cleared CSIR-UGC test for scholarship (1987) and Cleared National Entrance Test (NET) for Lectureship (1990). I Ranked first in college among 40 students and third in University among approximately 300 students in B.Sc. I year. In III year also, stood third in college among 40 students and fifth in University among approximately 300 students. Received two award at university and national level for outstanding academic performance.I Ranked first in Ph.D. among approximately 20 students and second in M.Tech. among 12 approximately 12 students. I am recipient of Women’s Achievement Award, on International Women’s Day celebrations, at New Delhi, 8th March, 2008, organized by court of Governors of Women International Network and its Departments.

My Other interests

In addition to good teacher I am an excellent researcher also. I have completed two Research Projects and third one is still in progress. I have published around 40 papers in various international and national journals. I am author of several college and school levels books. Besides teaching and research I am involved in various administrative activities of the college. I am vice principal of the college. I have been the Bursar of the college (1992 - 1994). I was Teacher -In - Charge of Chemistry Department twice in my teaching carrer (1992-1995) and (2000-2002).

Activities in the college


I was Teacher-in-charge, Department of Chemistry, (Sept. 1992 - May 1995) and (2000- 2002) and Department of Physical Science(2002- 2004). I was Bursar of College (1993-1995) and member of Governing Body (1992-1993) and (2002-2003). I was Superintendent, Home Examination (1994-1995) and Deputy Superintendent, Home Examination (1994-95) and (2002-2004) and Annual Examination (1993-94) and (2002-2004). I was member of Canteen Committee (1993-94), member of Purchase Committee (1993-95) and (2000 - 2002), member of Admission Committee (1993-95) and (Sep.2000 - 2002), member of Library Committee (1993-95) and (2000- 2002). I was member of Selection Committee; For permanent/Adhoc appointment of Lecturer (1993-95) and (2000-2002), For appointment of Assistant Librarian/ Computer Assistant (1994), Officiating Principal to look after day today functioning of college, Aug. 2002 (appr. 2 months). I am member of Examination Committee (2002-2004), (2008-2009) and Convener of Prize and Fellowship committee (2002-2004), Convener of alumni association (2004-2006), Convener of Internal assessment Committee (2004-2006), member of Proctorial committee (2006-2008), member of prize and Fellowship Committee (2006-2008) and member of Asset Management Committee (2008-2009).


i.Conference on "Polymer 91", Jan. 1991, at Pune.

ii. Refresher / Orientation Course entitled “Computer Awareness and its Applications (CPDHE), University of Delhi, in February 1995.

iii.Refresher Course Entitled “Chemistry in Human life (CPDHE), University of Delhi in May, 1997.

iv.National Symposium on "Nuclear Magnetic Resonance" in Feb. 1997, at IIT, Delhi.

v.Workshop on "NMR of Polymers", in Dec. 2001, IIT, Delhi.

vi.Refresher Course Entitled "Chemistry for 2010” (CPDHE), University of Delhi in April,2002.

vii.Workshop on "Maintenance of equipment in the laboratory", Oct. 2003, at Rajguru college of Applied Sciences, university of Delhi.

viii.International conference, Paperex 2003 on "Paper and Pulp industry", 5th - 7th Dec. 2003, Le Merridian Hotel, New Delhi.

ix.Seminar on "XRF technique in petrochemical industry", 15th Dec. 2003, Le Merridian Hotel, New Delhi.

x. National Workshop on “Environmental Sustainability and Pollution Control" held at Delhi, Vastu Kala Academy, School of Architecture, Institutional Area, New Delhi, July 10 (2004).

xi. Structure Investigation of 2 - HEMA - Methyl acrylate Copolymers By 1D and 2D NMR Spectroscopy. Sunita Hooda, A.S. Brar and A.K. Goyal, Presented as a poster in conference on ”National symposium on advances in magnetic resonance and its applications”. Organized by Regional research laboratory, Jammu (Tawi), 8-11, Oct.2005.

xii. Overview of Sensors for Environmental Monitoring. Presented as a poster in “Second international symposium on green / sustainable chemistry, Organized by Delhi University, 10-13, Jan. 2006.

xiii. Workshop on “NMR spectroscopy and its applications”, Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi, organized by Indian Society of Analytical Scientists (ISAS), Delhi Chapter,18-19 Aug., 2006.

xiv. Structure Determination of 2 - HEMA copolymers with Methyl Acrylate and with Styrene by NMR spectroscopy. Orally presented in 28th International conference on Science and technology, (ICST), 5-6,July, 2007, Prague, Czech Republic, Organized by Alena Chemicals of Canada.

xv Ionic Liquids: Green solvents for the future, presented as a poster in “28th National Seminar on Green Chemistry and Natural products”, organized by Delhi University, Nov.26-27, 2007.

xvi. Workshop on Linux, held at Acharya Narendra Dev college, on 2008

NCERT Assignment

My favourite photos

My Family

My trip to Czec Republic

Myself at wikied workshop

Annual Day of College 2008

IndiaBanner1.jpg India Banner 1

Wikied 08

Last day at Wikied08
Wikipedia-logo-en.png Acharya Narendra Dev College
Wikipedia has an article on this subject.

Visit Acharya Narendra Dev College for more in depth information

The main objective of workshop is to learn about open source system. I want to learn how to upload data file in wikieducator.

List of Wikieducator in Wikied 08

Launch of Wikieducator -India Chapter

ANDC teachers at the launch
Sunita at inaugural of India chapter

The India Chapter of WikiEducator was inaugurated by eminent agriculturist scientist and Honorable Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) Dr. M.S. Swaminathanin in the presence of Shri. Jainder Singh IAS, Secretary, Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. It was a national event held at India International Centre on the 15th November 2008 at 2:30 p.m. The India page in various languages was also inaugurated. This function was organised by Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia (CEMCA) in association with GKP, OWSA and Acharya Narendra Dev College. For more photos clic here

Wikied 09 workshop

sunita in group photo

I have attended the second L4C workshops on Open Educational Resources- WikiEd09 started from 9th January 2009. The workshop was conducted by Acharya Narendra Dev College in association with Commonwealth of Learning(COL), Vancouver, Canada. The workshop was of four days duration.

myself in easynow workshop

Contributions to Wiki Educator

Videographic presentation on Ionic Liquid

The presentation is on 'Ionic liquids - Solvents fot Future'. Room temperature ionic liquid (RTIL) are disussed in detail here.

Power point presentations

The power point presentations are on Microstructure determination of 2-Hydroxy Ethyl methacrylate copolymers by one- and two- dimensional NMR spectroscopy.

presentation on polymer

The other presentation is on health effects of water pollution.This takes into consideration the pollutants that makes water unfit for drinking.

Water Pollution

One more power point presentation on NMR Spectroscopy has been uploaded. It explains the basic principles of NMR.

NMR Spectroscopy

Study material on Plastics


Achievements in 2008

My contribution in research and college are given here.

List of Publications

The topic of my research is Microstructure determination of polymers. I have published around 40 papers in various national and international journals. 12 Papers I have published during my Ph.D. tenure while the remaining 27 I have published during my teaching tenure in the college. I am still persuing my research research in the college and in the process of publishing my research work.

List of Books published

My list of books published are given here. I am author of several school level and college level books.

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