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Introduction to writing skills

Tutorial.png Simple Sentences 

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Here is the first spelling list for GED practice. No doubt it looks pretty easy to you, but make sure that you don't make the common mistakes that many people do!

Spelling word Sentence Common mistakes
I I am working on my spelling. Don't forget to capitalize "I"
my This is my homework no capital letter
too Most people have too much fat in their diet. Don't confuse "too" (excess) with "to" (direction) - she walked to the store.

Perhaps you are already confident that you can spell those words correctly. If not, it's a good idea to look the list over carefully a couple of times. When you feel ready, ask a friend to read each word to you (in a sentence, if necessary) while you write it down. Then check your spelling for mistakes. Make a note of each word you had wrong, and write each one out correctly while you say the word to yourself. Then get your friend to test you again.

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